7th Nov 2009, 13:01

I have a 2002 Jetta TDI (bought new) and it has been a great car. Does not burn oil. It has been a very reliable car (145,000 miles so far). The 2006 Jetta 2.0 I bought new does burn a 1/2 quart every 630 miles. I did not know this was acceptable till I had the consumption test. I thought only junkers did this. Lights do crazy things in cold weather and the trunk will not shut some times.

9th Jan 2010, 18:47

I bought a 2002 VW Jetta for my daughter. I looked for a car with low miles hoping to avoid any major issues. The car had 44,000 on it. After driving it for one year, it needed a new timing belt! (I've never heard of a car needing a timing belt at 45,000 miles!) It burns oil... She has to add 2 quarts of oil between oil changes. (I had a 1991 Pontiac Firebird with 115,000 miles on it and I never had to add oil between oil changes!) My neighbor has a VW that he put over 200,000 miles on and he loved it so much he just bought a brand new Jetta. People either love VWs or hate them. I hate them. Hoping this one lasts another year with no major issues. Will never buy another Volkswagen!

22nd Jan 2010, 14:52

Re: 2006 2.0T Jetta - if your vehicle is burning oil, take it to a VW service dealer and they will perform an oil consumption test. Mine failed (of course it did, my oil light came on between oil changes) and they are billing the warranty for the repairs. Holding the car for 2 weeks, to repair the engine. Apparently in 2007, the issue was fixed. Basically when the turbo engines went from 1.8 to 2.0 in 2006, wrong engine parts were used so too much oil was being consumed. No recall, VW just fixed the cars of the owners who complained the most. My husband threatened to drive the car back into the showroom through the front windows, which got their attention. I still love VW, always have :)

12th Apr 2010, 12:28

I own a 2006 Jetta TDI that was purchased new in January of 2007. I love the car, but have had a few little issues with the unit.

The heated seat burnt through the fabric, but was replaced.

In general I love the car, but now there have been paint issues.

The front bumper is losing paint, along with the clear coat coming off of the right fender.

I had a body shop inspect both issues, and they recommended taking the unit back for warranty due to there was no visual cause for the paint loss.

I also have one tire starting to go out of round. There is more than 70% tread left, but the way Continental pro rates their warranty, it is not worth buying a tire. I can get 2 new quality tires for the cost of one new Continental.

I have another family member who also has a 2006 TDI from new, and has had several electrical issues including non operative fuel door, trunk, driver's door saying it was open, and steering inoperative when it gets cold.

The tires on that unit were also Continental, and all went out of round at 30,000km.

I do love these cars, but there have been more issues than I would like to see.

27th Nov 2010, 20:51

I bought a used 2006 Jetta last year. It's a 5 cyl.

Everything has gone well, and I love the gas mileage. Now, the one thing that bothers me is that the trunk will sometimes not close. That is rather annoying.

Another thing that happened just now, is that the lights and one brake light remained on... even though the car was off.

Like I said, everything else has been great. As far as oil consumption.. well, I went 13k miles without changing the oil (or adding more oil), and nothing happened to the car.

The only thing irking me right now is that the lights did that.

28th Dec 2010, 22:26

I bought a used 2006 Jetta TDI. I was impressed with its peppy response and 55mpg (or so the used car salesman said). My girlfriend and I clocked it getting 42 mpg coming home from Phoenix to Lake Havasu City, and we were flooring it all the way home 118mph to 126mph...

I totally see the electrical problems - one day I parked at the post office to get my mail, and when I came out, it just would not start, no turning over... no nothing. After replacing the starter (which took an act of G-D and a group of German nuns doing hail marys to find one in Germany), I found that with scratching the metal near the starter and reattaching it, it started up (with the OLD starter). Looks like the metals they use oxidize and cause electrical problems... Several lights on the dash now as we speak, and the grumbling noise from behind the glove compartment has no solution in sight. Help!