20th Dec 2005, 21:11

Choose which statement in the preceding comment is more ridiculous:

1. Adding a turbocharger to a stock VW motor will allow you to do 0-60 mph in 2 seconds.

2. The old VW Bug handles better, accelerates quicker and stops faster than a Porsche because it is "lighter and shorter geared".

29th Dec 2005, 19:34

To the guy saying that this gems are piece of junk I would like to tell him that certain cars are for distinguished people, for sure he does not belong to that kind of drivers.

24th Feb 2006, 15:40

Firstly, I would have to say that I'd like to slap every person in this chain that wrote a derogatory comment about the Ghia or that owner. Secondly, yes, it's possible to put a turbocharged Subaru engine in a Ghia, I've seen it done, and with differential and gear ratio adjustments done, the car could hit 180 as though it were nothing (of course you'd need an intercooler installed behind the nostrils of the car to prevent your engine from burning up). Next I'd like to inform some people here who may not know this, but the stock engine in the 1974 Karmann Ghia was the 1600cc 1974 PORSCHE 911 Engine. And for further shock value, and to mock further those of you here who hated on the Ghia, Porsche is owned and run by VW so enjoy. Also, Ghia hit 60 in 3.9 seconds while only running on the first and second cylinders, hehehe. These cars are beautilful seamless cars, hand welded and leaded. They are in fact, a great piece of automotive history as all VWs are and should be cherished. Enjoy your Ghia owner!

24th Feb 2006, 19:16

"but the stock engine in the 1974 Karmann Ghia was the 1600cc 1974 PORSCHE 911 Engine"

Wrong. the Karmann Ghia never had the flat 6.

"Ghia hit 60 in 3.9 seconds while only running on the first and second cylinders"

That is such a load of manure...

24th Feb 2006, 19:50

"The funny thing is the Volkswagen rear engine cars are actually the fastest cars on the road in every aspect outside of top speed. "

Yeah, that is so funny that I can't stop laughing! I've driven a Karman Ghia, and although it was a really neat looking car (something I can't say about any other VW), and the "automatic stick shift" was fun, it was by no means a fast, powerful car. Certainly it was the coolest looking VW I've ever seen, but nothing I could get all that excited about.

24th Feb 2006, 22:19

A Ghia goes from 0-60 in 3.9 seconds?

Sorry, but you are seriously full of crapola. Somebody needs to slap you.

25th Feb 2006, 06:49

By his logic, his buddy's 4-cylinder Mustang can run the quarter in 11.3 because he read an article about a guy with a modified '69 Mustang with a Boss 429. It's so hilarious when kids post their vast automotive knowledge on this site! They haven't yet learned the difference between belief and fact, and some never will.

3rd Oct 2006, 13:56

I have looking for a semi auto Ghia for ten years.You have a great car. Hang on to it.

13th Feb 2008, 19:49

I have wanted a Ghia since I was a kid. May get one someday, when I can afford to have a weekend car.

The Ghia is all about the looks, not the performance. But a souped-up one would make a nice sleeper :)

Great car.

11th Mar 2008, 22:05

73 Ghia is my ride, with new alternator, carburetor, brake jobs, blah blah blah - reality check it's a 73 and I'm a 68, sometimes I don't even want to get out of bed in the morning.

If you don't mind hobby car syndrome, Ghia is the way - if reliability is the key, maybe another ride is for you - I haven't been stranded but once, and that was me pushing fate like an idiot on crack, just looking for a chance to have that rush of making the run without going down.

Don't drive without the generator light working, unless of course you know that your generator is out, then go for it, but don't be surprised when the lights go out. Ghia is a sweet ride, just be patient.

10th Mar 2009, 20:18

Does anyone out there have info on original paint and interior options (colors mostly)? People get them and change them. If you are an original owner or knew the first owner???... please contact me at dclemmens179170@comcast.net


28th May 2009, 18:41

I had owned a 74 Ghia and loved it. As soon as I sold it, I regretted it and vowed to find another. 11 years later I came across a 72 in good condition and bought it. I have since done minor custom work to suit myself and painted it Dodge Viper Red. I cannot go anywhere without many smiles, waves and guestions. Because of the humidity here in Jacksonville, Florida, I had a new AC put in two years ago and now never suffer! While not a show car, it is a looker. I drive about 60 miles a day in it, to and from work and running around. To compensate for the added stress of AC, I also installed an upper cylinder lubricator from 1952. Works like a champ! Oh, and my PT Cruiser and Jeep are always in the shop, not my Ghia!!

23rd Jul 2009, 20:40

Just a comment from personal experience, the 009 mechanical advance distributor in a stock Karmann Ghia, especially the auto-stick, is a poor choice for economy and smooth acceleration from a stoplight, unless you like flat spots and stumbling. On a 73-74 stock 1600 VW, use the stock vacuum advance distributor, it works much better and is easier to tune. They cost more, than the 009 but they are designed to work with the stock carburetor. The 009 does not work correctly with a stock engine.

16th Nov 2009, 23:11

I agree totally with the last comment. The 009 is designed for flat out revs.. or racing.

The stock vacum advance distributor will run much better with the stock carb. I am looking for one now and will junk my 009.

30th May 2010, 20:48

Happy Memorial Day 2010 to all!! I have a 1973 Ghia that has been sitting in my garage for 9 years!!! I am going to get it back on the road as soon as funds will allow; enjoyed all comments (positive and negative). Just for the record, let's be clear: '74 Ghia engine... NOT. A. PORSCHE. ENGINE.

If anybody has a set of the old sport wheels that were on the 1977 "Champagne Edition" SuperBeetle, contact me @ RBu7688798@aol.com...

1st Jul 2010, 23:07

My first car in High School was a 1959 Ghia; since then I have owned 5 of them. A month ago I was lucky enough to find a ONE owner 100% original 1974 one with air conditioning, it's yellow and has the brown interior, I am in the process of investing about $4000.00 into the car to make it BEAUTIFUL again. When it's done, I will have about $7500.00 in it -- and I will keep this one FOREVER!

I LOVE Ghias... you don't buy a Ghia to go fast! You buy them to love them.. they are SPECIAL cars.

I made the mistake of owning a 71 Porche 911 ST years ago.. fun to drive "WHEN" I wasn't working on it! I love my restored 71 Westy bus too.

VW lover FOREVER. SPECIAL cars (and buses)..for SPECIAL people, my Dachshund loves it too!