1st Jul 2010, 23:19

A day without a KARMANN GHIA ---- is like a day without sunshine.. Everyday when I get about a block from work.. I wish I could just keep driving.

I'm a personal driver, and I have to drive a big, ugly, American car that my boss owns, it has all the bells and whistles on it... BUT I can't wait to get off work and jump in my little yellow Ghia, and "FEEL" the road again. In a Ghia you aren't insulated from the road, so I love it.

I'm desperately looking for old road tests on the 1974 Ghia.. Motor Trend, Car and Driver,etc. Any ideas? Jeff at zdumbell@aol.com thank you if you can help.

2nd Jul 2010, 09:55

My second car in high school no less was a 1963 Karmann Ghia; only had 30 HP, but it was a really neat car with the 2 tone blue and ivory knobs.

It was sold to a classmate who hit a stop sign, slid up the sign, and it did not knock the sign down! We were all leaving the school parking lot, and at the corner there he is with the Karmann Ghia pointed up in the sky, looking like a rocket launch. It was pretty wild to see that. It was repaired.

My dad and I had 69-73 and 74 models. The 60 was dark blue white interior and semi automatic it said that on back deck. I was not a fan of that trans, and it had issues.

Once the wire broke inside the shift knob and I fixed that.

Today I own a Sebring Silver C5 Corvette; a big switch, but maybe the little Ghia was my inspiration towards something a bit sportier. I paid $100 for mine in 1971 and sold it for $300 the following year; had new paint job. Maybe it's worth more today.

20th Jan 2011, 08:28

I have a 71 daily driver Ghia, and have no complaints about its 1600cc air-cooled motor. The cars designer (Mr. Porsche) using a torsion bar suspension meant for it to be an affordable sports car for everyday people. I personally could care less about top speed compared to a Porsche. I live in the smokies, and there are a lot of curvy roads, and I can keep the same top speed (50 - 60 through the curves) because of the suspension. I do not think a Porsche is doing any faster through the same curves I am speaking of. All it is about is what you like, and I like my car; it is fully restored, and I even added an air ride system on it so I can add a lower stance during some fun filled mountain driving.

30th Jan 2012, 17:17

In 1971 I bought a 1960 Ghia that a neighbor had painted candy apple green on original perfect black vinyl interior... Very dependable little car, that we changed only because the first baby was too hard to get out of the back seat.

Originally we got the Ghia, because we had a 1962 MG twin cam that leaked between the window frame and the top; never could seem to stop that leak.

19th Feb 2015, 02:49

I bought a 71 Karmann Ghia with (I believe 58k miles). Original engine. DP 1600. It runs and drives, and is basically ready for paint in its original Gemini blue. It's in primer now. Next however will be replacing the cracked windshield.

Paid $1600 and it's rust free with very little bondo in it, but the rear floor pan's a little soft. I can't wait to get it finished! Giving myself two years.

Own a 78 Beetle Convertible Champagne Edition (the metallic blue) and a 84 Vanagon. All three turn more heads than my other cars combined! Someday I want to find a Vanagon Westphalia that's $ reasonable.

20th Feb 2015, 11:00

I had a 63, and ironically my parents had a 60 MGA bought new. Too bad you sold your MGA as it's worth around 30k today, and possibly more. We used the tonneau cover a lot. Or you could have bought a hard top.

The Karmann Ghia has more appeal today vs the 60s and 70s. Everyone wanted Bugs. My favorite Bug models were 73 and 74 with 60 HP. We had a 75 and it wasn't as good.

Back to Karmann Ghia, it was cheap, underpowered and fun. It's still got attention getting styling today. All the same, I would pick a different car today for the same money. I would pick a decent 73 or 74 plain Beetle.

My father had a Super Beetle, which didn't handle as well. And the front suspension was more expensive and frequent to repair. But it had a sunroof. Ours were a sand color and baby blue.

If you have an accident in the Karmann Ghia, the integral fenders are an issue. So my bid goes to the more popular Beetles. Check carefully for rust.