2002 Volkswagen Lupo GTi 1.6 16v from UK and Ireland


Fast, well equiped, good looking, but badly built hot hatch


-Drivers electric window didn't work from new.

-Tailpipe heat-shield dropped from new.

-Wheel alignment seriously out from new.

-Leaking header tank after 2 weeks.

-Cup holders loose after 3 weeks.

-Spoiler loose (possibly broken fasteners from new).

-Tailpipe heat-shield dropped a second time after 5-6 weeks.

-Gear-knob became loose after 5-6 weeks.

-Another water leak after 5-6 weeks.

-Boots strut fell off after 6 weeks.

General Comments:


+Car is exceptionally quick for 1.6

+Suspension set up is superb

+6 speed is a joy to use

+Excellent xenon lights and dash lights

+Looks great (and sounds great too!)

+Excellent sound system.


-Crappy built quality

-Car constantly in the dealer (every single week since I bought the car 8 weeks ago)

-Poor dealer service

-Car has been in dealer 9 days now because they can't find a clip/bolt/screw to fasten the spoiler on.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2002

26th Apr 2003, 06:32

Same as you.

Picked up my new Lupo Gti a month ago and had problems already.

Heat shield above exhaust has dropped.

Xenon lights angled wrong - one blinds and the other points too far down.

Rear suspension creaks when pulling away with passengers in the back.

There's an off putting "twang" style noise when the car's on full lock.

It doesn't like pulling away when the air-con is on and also when its on full lock - although I'm sure this is common in most cars.

Also the dealers are far from helpful - I've been sent 2 spare keys for the car - both of which are wrong, so now its booked in to has another made and coded which has cost them £180.00.

Also you have to really slam the boot down otherwise the boot light on the dash stays on.

Other than that I love the car - its great round London, sounds great, draws a lot of attention and I pretty fast.

Oh yes, also the fuel tank is way to small - and no, its not just the way I drive it.

Sum up: small problems has taken the edge off what is a cracking little car.

2002 Volkswagen Lupo TDI Sport 1.4 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Be a little bit different!



General Comments:

What more could you ask for? 70+ miles per gallon of diesel and good performance!

Quality and good resale.

Well-engineered and a hoot to drive.

Handles better thanks to lowered suspension and bigger wheels.

Performance on the cheap!

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Review Date: 28th February, 2002