1995 Volkswagen Passat GLX VR6 from North America


I love this car!!!


Water pump replaced.

Hard to close trunk door.

Poor antenna.

Had oil leaks, but fixed that for 35$.

Have strong wind noise in a trunk area (wagon type) after 60 mph.

Changed clutch at 195000,was totally my mistake (drove too hard).

Heater for passenger seat broke down.

General Comments:

Great car, great handling. very good acceleration.

Fun to drive. you can keep up with many sport sedans on this wagon. use down shifting for fun.

Go from 4 gear to 2 and you are first.

One bad thing-it can kill your clutch.

Very roomy.

A/c works like a fridge :-)

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Review Date: 6th May, 2006

1995 Volkswagen Passat GLX V6 from Germany


This car has been nothing, but problems since I bought it. The first day I had to return the car for repairs due to a stalling problem, that should have been the fist clue.

The cup holder broke off.

The lining is falling down.

There is no glove compartment, this is especially inconvenient since there is no space for registration, insurance, maybe a vehicle manual.

The door are very hard to open from the outside. at 101000 miles I had to replace the driver side door handle and lock, just that was 230.00 bucks.

The sunroof/moon roof button came off so now the sunroof is inoperable.

And last, but not least now the transmission is slipping.

General Comments:

I honestly read all of these past reviews before I bought my car thinking that there weren't many major problems I went ahead and bought it anyway. I would definetely not suggest this particular vehicle to anyone. Everything is so expensive to fix, regular parts are outrageous. Overall this is the most undependable car I've ever had, and I've had a few.

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Review Date: 13th April, 2006

9th May 2006, 19:44

Yeah, right. Broken door handles, no glove space and not a word about engine problems? Did you have one? If not, then I prefer a car with broken handles, but a good engine.

6th Jun 2006, 08:07

I have a 1997 Passat VR6 GLX and it has over 180000 miles on it and it is still running strong. I still haven't changed the timing chain which is recommended at 110000 and still have no problems with it. I have had to replace a handle ($36 not from dealer) but that was because of kids yanking on it. The interior is great and the head liner has fallen, but $30 later it was fixed. The cup holder is of poor material, but it is only $15 to replace. I have replaced the coolant hoses and pump which was the most expensive at around $300, this is necessary and should never be overlooked! You don't want to be stranded on the side of the road.

Overall, the car is very reliable and dependable. Some things are going to break with everyday use, it is how you are going to take care of it that determines the reliability and life of it. Every car can be a good car if you just give it a little TLC and preventive maintenance.

10th Apr 2007, 20:58

Hey guys, there is no maintenance for timing chain. you don't have to replace it!!!if you want you can adjust it, but no replacement. good car, but weak places are water pump and...power steering pump. i replaced 2 water pumps in two years (but lived in SC 100-110F in summer!) overall -good car.

1995 Volkswagen Passat TDI 1.9 from Bosnia and Herzegovina


Very reliable


Seat heater burned the seat, the car almost got in fire!!!

Window regulator on driver side door broke twice.

Rear window broke and never fixed. Do not sell separately.

General Comments:

Very economical car, comfortable, a lot of space for passengers and for cargo when you flip the rear seats down. Very reliable and that is the reason I still owe it. The best car for road conditions in Bosnia, good performance, cheap maintenance.

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Review Date: 28th February, 2006

1st Mar 2006, 15:39

Something is wrong with type of car and year of production. In 1995 in Bosnia still was war, so there no chances that's any car produced there. VW factory in Bosnia were shutdown at March 1992.

6th Mar 2006, 03:30

What are you talking about???

I didn't say my VW Passat is made in Bosnia-Hercegovina.

I've got imported this car from Germany manufacturer. And why is the matter who is the manufacturer. VW has to be the same quality, no matter where is coming from.

6th Mar 2006, 16:42

VW does not have the same quality. Cars built in Germany and other places (not mexico) were great cars.

However the years around 95 to 03-ish is when they're made in mexico and quality has been very bad for some time.

9th Mar 2006, 01:27

I'm sorry, I didn't know VW has cars made in Mexico, I've heard about old type of VW Beatles from mexico not for other VW cars.

I wonder how come they ignore that fact of bad quality cars coming from Mexico.

Seem like VW doesn't have that much pretension to South and North America as they do to Asia and European customers.