1995 Volkswagen Passat GLX VR6 from North America


Sport, performance and utility


Original battery failure within 5K miles of purchase (warranty).

Plug wires replaced to correct rough idle (warranty).

Intermittent operation from the dealer installed key-less lock system (warranty).

Brakes updated to ATE slotted discs @ 90K miles.

Clutch & CV boots replaced @ 100K miles.

Key-less lock system removed @ 100K miles (draining the battery).

Main serpentine belt idler failure @ 105K miles, belt & idler replaced.

Water pump failure @ 110K miles, water pump & belt replaced.

2 oil sender failures (leaks) @ 110K miles.

Clutch slave replaced @ 110K miles.

After-run water pump replaced @ 110K miles.

The last 20K miles SUCKED, but you deal with it.

General Comments:

Maintenance issues aside, this is a great car. Performance, interior room, build quality, and so forth. VW really thought it out from a utility standpoint. The new Passat shares the name, but is more sport Taurus philosophically. The B4 Passats are tight and more fun to drive. The 1.8T Jettas are closer in terms of overall feel to the B4's than the new Passats.

Mileage is EXCELLENT with the VR6! But... you have to use 93 octane. I saw an immediate 3 MPG gain when I changed from 89 octane. This offsets the price increase and lets the engine management run the spark advance up. The car feels much better with 93. Daily average mileage is 27.5 MPG.

At 115K miles and no wrecks since new, it is just starting to show spot rust at the bottoms of the doors. The cloth interior has held up wonderfully too. The leather interior looks worn out on every similar mileage B4 I have come across whereas the miracle of synthetic fibers seems to be true. The car gets shampoo'ed each spring and vacuumed as needed.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2001

1995 Volkswagen Passat GLX V6 from North America


High performance, high value, great ride!


Excellent car. The Americans could learn a little something here!

General Comments:

I've looked for the Volkswagen Passat GLX for almost one year. What a great ride. For anyone looking for semi-luxury without a $40,000 price tag, get a VW Passat that's a few years old and you've got any brand new American luxury beat!

V6 (a little hard on gas however), heated seats, precision engineering, great attention to detail... 0 to 60 in "Oh wow!".

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Review Date: 6th March, 2001

1995 Volkswagen Passat GLX VR6 from North America


Garbage with a capital G!!!


Electrical problems that can't stay fixed for long!!!

Timing chain - it took a damn month to get a timing chain for this hunk of crap!!! A timing chain is a very common item to stock!!!

Clutch needs work and car is sluggish on takeoff.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2001

11th May 2001, 18:14

Wow, I can't believe it's the same car! I feel very sorry for you, as you obviously drew the short straw with the Passat Karma. Perhaps it's because you were a Buick owner in a past life... (just kidding!)

I bought my first Passat, a 1993 GLX wagon with the VR6 engine, back in 1996, when it had 32,000 miles on it. It now has over 78,000 miles, and all I've had to do is routine maintenance, with the exception of a new fan switch for the ventilation system and a new motor for the rear window wiper. The car is a joy to drive - the engine is wonderfully powerful, the suspension taught and responsive, and the steering crisp and precise. On the open road, it seems to get more stable the faster you go!

I've had no electrical problems whatever with the car. In fact, I liked the car so much, I just replaced my 1991 BMW 525i with a second '93 GLX VR6, this one a sedan with only 47,000 miles on it. I can't think of any more ringing an endorsement than purchasing another one after 5 years of ownership and 46,000 miles of driving! Better luck next time!

9th Dec 2001, 19:52

I don't know if you know how to drive a 5 speed! My 5 speed Passat is very quick off the line, and is very good overall, when it comes to engine power especially.