1999 Volkswagen Passat GLX 1.8 turbo from North America


I can't imagine this with a 6 speed


Transmission slipping at 3000 rpm is the only problem to date.

General Comments:

Put a new computer chip in, increases hp to approx 190, 200 lbs torque. WOW, when this turbo kicks in (4500rpm) it really pulls hard!!! Handling is first rate, MXV4's stick well except in snow.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2002

27th Jan 2008, 12:13

What ECU chip tuning did you use? I'm in the process of purchasing one myself for my 99 Passat 1.8T GLS.

1999 Volkswagen Passat GLS 1.8 turbo from North America


Don't be tempted by the beauty, she is so ugly where it really counts


Passenger-side rear door would not open from inside.

Passenger-side rear window would not open. (electrical problem)

Passenger-side rear window would not open. (mechanical problem)

Mag wheel lug-nut lock stripped.

Front brakes worn at 30,000 miles.

Door lock transmitter batteries dead... replaced and recoded for 150 dollars.

Cooling system leak.

Cup holders broken twice. (very poor design)

Squeaky wheels from brake-dust build-up.

Brakes run very hot!

Lower door molding regularly falls off and needs to be re-attached.

Engine knocks frequently.

Does not climb hills well. (must manually shift gears)

General Comments:

While the car is very attractive, safe (seems to be) and comfortable, the problems with this car and the dealerships have led me to believe that purchasing this car is one of the stupidest things that I have ever done.

We did not even get the car off the dealers lot before the problems began. In what was a clear omen, the rear door would not open from the inside. The dealer quickly fixed the problem.

Once we got the car home, we discovered that he rear window would not open. Also, in a matter of days, the rear door again would not open. This time both from the inside and outside. We took the car back to the dealership and they repaired the car again.

A few days later the door and window again would not open. Back to the dealer we went. We seriosly began to wonder what we had gotten ourselves into. Also, about that time we noticed that the wheels squeaked. The dealer told us that this was normal and would subside. Thankfully, they fixed the door and window, but the squeak only continued to get louder.

We, at that point, called VW USA... and quickly discovered the futility of dealing with those dolts. They, amazingly admitted that the squeak was a result of the brake pad dust and that what we were hearing was, in fact, a normal noise. Well, if the noise was so normal I asked, rhetorically, why did people stare at us when we drove by them. Was it the sleek beauty of our car or the nerve-racking squeal.

I could continue to detail the multitude of problems that our car has experienced since we purchased it some three years ago, or tell you that thoughts of insurance fraud and the real possibility of jail time have begun to appear more attractive and cheaper financially then continued ownership of our 1999 Volkswagen Passat.

Please for the sake of your soul, financial solvency and sanity realize that the temptation your feel when you think of buying a Passat is just a normal human reaction to the beauty that the devil himself has placed before you. Woes ye that ignores my warning!

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Review Date: 7th May, 2002

1st Sep 2002, 23:38

I feel sorry for not reading this experience before, I felt as a human flesh for the beauty and experience many problems alike that it would take long to comment, mine required in the first 18 months more than 10 visits to the dealership talking about 12 weeks, after I found an independent mechanic with much more experience than the dealership things have improved, but the maintenance running cost is awful high.

Jorge Bucio

Pasatt 1.8T 99.

1999 Volkswagen Passat TDi Sport Estate 1.9 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A good car let down by indifferent dealers


Engine management warning - loose connection.

Seat belt not retracting.

Failure of the rear wiper.

Rear wiper starts working when it wants - VW dealer unable to find the fault. VW will not talk to individuals, only refer you to the dealer who still can't find the fault!

General Comments:

Roomy motorway cruiser with good economy.

Nearest dealer 70 miles round trip away, but still will not order in parts for faults, merely investigates and then expects another visit to have the fault rectified.

5 visits due to the fault on the rear wiper which starts working without warning. Still not fixed.

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Review Date: 30th September, 2001

8th Nov 2009, 05:37

I have the same problem with the rear wiper. I took it apart and found it needed lubrication. The tube that takes the water that goes through the center of the wiper was the problem. It had corroded and seized. A bit of Lube and it went fine.