2000 Volkswagen Passat V6 4Motion wagon 2.8L V6 4motion from North America


A car built on delicate tolerances


I had to replace the two front tires at 12,000 miles. The stock tires were quite expensive to replace. The stock tires are really a performance tire. There's the disconnect. This is really a high-performance "family" car. Performance is one thing, silliness is quite another.

The car had a recall on the fluid level sensing units in the gas tank. Prior to the recall the system was working perfectly. The problem is that now they've been replaced they've never worked properly again. When I picked up the car from the recall service the service manager told me that they could only fill the gas tank to 3/4 mark because the car was "on a hill". The truth is that the new sensors don't work over the 3/4 capacity mark. After some time I finally got their attention and after a "diagnosis" they finally concluded that "yes" those replacement sensors "were not functioning properly". New replacement sensors were ordered. It had to be returned once again to repair "the repair".

The front rotors and pads had to be replaced at 27,000 miles. Sure, I understand that this car is plagued by a short warranty period, but to have to even think of replacing rotors and pads on a $30+K car at 27K miles is absurd in first principles. I live on a dirt road which is rather common for folks in the Northeast. Further, in the winter time it's not uncommon for cars to get dirty. It was explained to me that because I live on a dirt road that it should be considered "normal" to have to replace these parts. I see this as a questionable position for the dealer and Volkswagon. Rather VW should consider that the rotors and the venting holes in the rotors are poorly designed. Furthermore, the replacement parts, being highly priced (i.e., pads at $140 for 2) just adds insult to injury. As they are apparently planning for premature failure, they could consider pricing these parts more reasonably.

General Comments:

You know, this is really a wonderful "concept" car; fast, tight, well appointed, apparently safe. Too bad it's flaw is so significant; really high cost of maintenance and repair.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2002

26th Jun 2002, 09:27

I agree that the New Passat has many problems. I own a 1999 Passat GLS V6. I had to have the front brake pads replaced at only 25,000 miles. The air blower started to make noise at 20,000 miles. The cassette player also makes a grinding noise after 20,000 miles. Now I understand why VW gives the shortest warranty in the auto industry.

What's more, it's difficult to replace the Passat's engine oil by yourself. It took me, an automotive engineer, more than an hour to do the oil change on my driveway. Try it! It's really challenging. By the way, the Passat manual specifies that the V6 takes 5.0L of engine oil. It actually takes 5.7L.

2000 Volkswagen Passat S 1800 from UK and Ireland


A noise infested bore


A very bad rasping noise from the bottom of the car when cold. This is standard on all Passat's according to the dealer. I don't think I've ever owned a car as bad.

General Comments:

The inside is black and would not look out of place in a horror film.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2001

1st Oct 2001, 16:23

You don't really sound like you have a lot to grumble about!

30th Oct 2001, 04:53

If you paid a bit of extra money to VW, I'm sure they could fix you up a yellow and pink striped interior...

2000 Volkswagen Passat from North America


Fun, quick, and great handling!


I live in Florida, and the passenger side cloth molding along the side of the car came unglued, presumably due to the heat.

I have also had several problems with the air conditioner. It cools, but it has a "dirty sock" smell that comes out of it. The dealership has cleaned it out several times and the smell kept coming back. The last time I took it in, they replaced the entire air conditioning unit. I haven't had a problem with the air since the replacement took place.

I have black cloth seats in my Passat and they attract more lint than I've ever seen in any other car.

My glove compartment is pushed out of the dash and comes open when I hit a bump in the road. I believe this problem was caused after the dealership removed my air conditioner to replace it.

General Comments:

The car is extremely fun to drive. It handles curves very well and has a wide range of motion in the steering wheel. The purplish blue lights in the dash are great to look at. The doors automatically lock after going 5 MPH.

The seats are not the most comfortable, but I like the fact that they go up so high for us short people.

I like the telescopic steering wheel as well as the options on the electronic dash. The options include showing you the average miles per hour you are going in one trip, as well as the average miles per hour and the length of the trip.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2001