6th May 2010, 06:45

I got a 2001.5 VW Passat GLS July 3, 2009, and I have had "normal" problems with it. I believe the previous owner neglected it.

~ Front & back brakes, and front rotors Total: $ 250.

~ Vacuum lines had collapsed/crumbled Cost: $ 90.

~ Cabin air filter x3 (faulty design in my opinion.. there is nothing to "protect" it from getting wet)

~ My climate control light was dead... easy and cheap fix.

~ Relay 384 had to be replaced.. This controls something with the Air Conditioner... My A/C stopped working correctly. It would blow cold randomly, and other times wouldn't be cold at ALL. Once I replaced this relay MYSELF, NO more issues! total repair: $ 62.95.

~ My transmission was jerking VERY badly. Come to find out, the fluid level was too low for it to pull ANY fluid up into the system. I got a replacement kit online which included filter, fluid, pump (to install fluid), seal, etc... total repair: $ 160.

~ One coil went bad and left me stranded over 80 miles from home at work. Got it towed home, and fixed next day. Cost: $ 89 Towing: $ 130.

I think everyone will have issues no matter what car they drive. Some will have more issues than others... My previous car was a 1997 Ford Taurus and it was nothing BUT problems. I LOVE my Passat. I can honestly say that these few things will NOT deter me from keeping it, as well as get another when I replace this one. It is VERY costly to maintain and repair... but I love how well it drives, and I think it is a VERY beautiful car.

I DO have a few things I know need to be fixed... they are:

Coolant leaking from the end of a capped-off (?) hose on the driver side of the engine. It isn't bad, so I am not too terribly worried about it just yet...

My turbo has a spot where you can see something had been leaking at/from it at one time... but it isn't acting weird.

I need to replace more of the vac lines/hoses so I do not have any more that are original/factory on the car.

My headliner and cover on the sunroof are sagging/coming undone, exposing the funky yellow adhesive. I have used those little "Saggy Stoppers" (they look like tiny corkscrews) and fixed the headliner issue, and it doesn't look half bad, actually... As far as the sunroof liner coming undone, I used some industrial adhesive and re-stuck it after removing the yellow adhesive... no issues since.

I live in FL and we do not have the emissions testing here. My car would EASILY pass it anyways, as mine has not had major issues like some other peoples' car. Now, I am not saying that just because MY car hasn't had all the "common" issues, that I do not believe they are not happening... I fully believe they are. I refuse to believe that some people are just "picky"... I would be mad too if I had to spend thousands to fix a car that keeps having MORE issues...

I do NOT use the local dealership for ANYTHING except parts, and even then I check the local auto parts supply stores first (NAPA, O'Reillys, etc). This has saved me a LOT in parts costs.

***Here are a few things MY mechanic has told me regarding MY car... ***

Make sure you use FULL synthetic oil and change it at LEAST at 5,000 miles (or as close as you can get to that).

Check the drain hoses and make sure they are not clogged up... mine were when I got the car and didn't know about it. One day I opened the driver side door and saw a weird little tube sticking out. I squeezed it and a BUNCH of water and gunk came out. I do not have any leaks inside my car. BUT - somehow the inside of my trunk (just the liner on my trunk lid) gets water inside it. NOTHING in my trunk gets wet... when I open it after it has rained a lot, water comes out around the latch that holds the trunk shut.

Make sure to use the specified gas... OR... He told me to use the MIDGRADE gas, and use a gas additive (I use the "Chevron with Techron" or some other "higher grade" additive). I alternate back and forth each time.

He and I use something called "Seafoam" once a month. Put 1/3 of the can in the gas, 1/3 of the can in the crankcase, and the final 1/3 goes into the vac line/intake (??). Search YouTube for info on this...

I am sorry to hear others having SO many problems. I guess I am just lucky (for now???) to not deal with THAT much. I guess time will tell if my car is okay.

This is my FIRST VW, and right now, I can honestly say I would get another one when this one bites the dust.

I only have 88,000 miles.

16th May 2010, 16:37

Thinking of buying a 2000 Volkswagen Passat Wagon. I have read so many negative comments.

This car has 71000 miles,5 speed, cost 5400. I loved the way it drives and the space it provides.

Do you have to put high grade gas, are repairs costly and how long does the clutch last? So many questions to ask.

Please give me so feedback on the pros and cons of having this car.

1st Dec 2010, 00:21

Hi, I have 2002 Passat V6 motion wagon with 77k miles. I really love this car!!! But I just got my first problem; check engine light is on and code is P 0011 and STOP Engine Oil Pres. Low.

Please, I need help :)