12th Dec 2002, 19:52

My thoughts exactly. This car is a pleasure to drive. The VR6 is an excellent engine, the 5-speed standard transmission is superb. Indeed, this is a rare combination. Fortunately (or unfortunately as is probably the case) I'm a bit of a shade tree mechanic, and have the tools to do most any repair job. I've had it in the shop once for an idling problem (some broken canister on the back on the intake manifold), and I think the climate control head is fried. Otherwise, it's been a great car. Mine is the wagon, so it's probably rarer than most. I got the car with 99K miles and have put another 25K without any major malfunctions. I'll keep my fingers crossed...

22nd Dec 2003, 18:43

I currently own a 1996 Volkswagen Passat GLX VR6. I have owned the car for about a year now and the car continues to run great. I did have some small problems. The passangers door handle sticks and the drivers power window doesn't work. Both are very expensive to fix. Overall I agree with the review. Reminder, the car is VERY FAST.

18th Apr 2010, 20:38

I just recently bought a 1994 Volkswagen Passat. The tranny was drier than the Gobe Desert. I mean literally, if someone was to pee in there, it won't stay long (not really, but you get the point).

It was stuck in third, and I am not a car person, only like 18; my first car, so is there any specific oil and tranny fluid you use, or will anything work?

It had 166573 miles on her when I got it, anything will help (so far I love this car).

28th Apr 2010, 23:52

I own a red on black Passat VR6 with 176k. I currently have the tranny out of it; it was nearly all the way gone.

Other than that, the e sun roof doesn't work and the door handles are very temperamental.

I love this car!!! Looks good, but many expensive problems, even for a do-it-yourselfer.

8th May 2010, 11:37

I have been a VW fan forever. I had my chance just recently to get my first one; I bought a 94 Passat VR6 5 speed with BBS rims and Magnaflow exhaust. The A/C doesn't work, and neither does the cruise control. I fixed the moonroof; tricky but not too difficult, and yes the door handles can be temperamental.

I love this car; it's fast, decent on gas and very comfortable. Great car; yeah some parts can be pricey, check out your local scrap or salvage yards; they've usually got older vehicles kicking around.

8th May 2010, 11:42

To the Gobe desert guy; if your car is a 5 speed manual, then usually the transmission only takes gear oil. The only time you use automatic transmission fluid is with an automatic transmission. Post any other questions.

9th Jul 2010, 13:51

I have a 1994 Passat VR6 that I love. It is probably one of my favorite cars ever. There is just so much potential in a VR6. If you go to google images and search 1994 Passat, mine is the red one with the hood opened up.

27th Jul 2010, 22:26

I bought my 94 Passat GLX brand new in '94. We now have 121K on it. This is my experience.

I seem to have been lucky and really had no major repairs at all until about 75K. Then, I needed a new clutch. That was not unexpected as my job required me to commute up the Southcenter Hill in Seattle. If you know it, the rush hour has you stop and go for about 3 miles uphill. Not good for a clutch.

I went relatively repair free until the last year. Feels like I'm replacing it bit by bit. Mostly, its wear and tear stuff like water pumps, worn bearings, heater core. The power steering pump has a small leak, so that will be the next thing.

I can relate to the moonroof, A/C switch, and cruise control. Fortunately, none of those is really critical to me.

The engine runs like a champ. So, for a 16 year-old car, I'm pretty happy. I'll keep running it until things get really major.

6th Mar 2011, 07:46

I own a 1994 VW Passat station wagon. Every time I step on the brakes or turn a sharp turn, my interior light goes on?? I've check the rear ground wires to the brake lights, and they are secure, what can I do?

26th Feb 2012, 08:10

Do you still have your 1994 Passat? I'm looking for a one owner sedan to rebuild.