2003 Volkswagen Polo FSI Sport 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Very nice to drive, but am concerned about problems


First fault I experienced was when a warning light came on the dashboard - something to do with emissions (?). Turned out to be a faulty sensor and was replaced under warranty.

Second fault was with one of the rear seat belts which would not operate which was also replaced under warranty.

Third fault was a problem with the Air Con, apparently something to do with the vent control. The dealer picked it up on the service - to be honest (due to the British weather!) I hadn't used the air con for a while and had not noticed. Fixed under warranty.

Fourth fault was a few days ago. Car has been running absolutely fine until one morning whenever the revs dropped (whenever I slowed down at traffic lights, a roundabout or just in traffic) the engine cut out. As I was away on hols, this resulted in my car being transported on a tow truck 90 miles home.

Dealer say it is a build-up of carbon in the 'Throttle Hood' and is normal, and also not covered under the warranty.

I'm a bit surprised (and miffed) that I can experience a fault when car is 2.5 yrs old and has done 35k miles that results in a breakdown and towing and its NOT covered on the warranty.

Car was serviced 2 weeks ago, but they said they don't check this on the service.

I've never come across this fault before on any other car, I would be interested to know if anyone else has (especially someone techy who could tell me if this is reasonable!)

General Comments:

Generally I like the car very much and up until the latest problem I was thinking of trading it in for a new polo gti, but I'm having second thoughts now!

The service I receive from the main dealer can't be faulted, for each problem and for servicing they collect and deliver my car (20 miles) and it comes back valeted!

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Review Date: 30th May, 2006

5th Jun 2006, 06:59

This is an update to this review...

Got my car back from fixing the throttle body and the next day the Engine Emissions warning light came on. The dealer have advised me not to drive it if possible and it's got to go back to the dealer AGAIN!

13th Aug 2006, 20:23

Okay, so after reading many of the comments posted I am amazed that this car is still in production. No, all of these problems are NOT normal for a "new" car. I purchased a 2003 Polo in Cancun Mexico. Within the first week the entire passenger side floor board became SOAKED with water from a leaky air con. After that, no problems for almost a year. Then suddenly, after the warranty expired, the coating on the steering wheel started to peel off as well as the "plastic" coating on the panel around the air/stereo/cup holder. Next was the driver side window mechanism breaking, later, the things that hold the hatchback open quick working, next, the small plastic piece on the hatchback that is used to loop the "string" for the hatchback cover broke off, next the CD player started "eating" CD's, now within just the last 3 or 4 months, the headliner, I believe it is called is falling and now grazes my head when driving, the dome light button broke and the light wouldn't turn off, the passenger side window mechanism broke, the emissions light comes on every once in awhile and the car shakes then stops, the air conditioner barely cools (and I'm in Cancun!) I think that is about it!...oh, no, one more thing, the cup holder broke! After buying a Jetta in 2000 I was sure I would never buy anything other than a Volkswagen... the Polo has changed all that!

2003 Volkswagen Polo Sport 1.9 TDI-PD from UK and Ireland


Build quality, Speed and Economy, Its all most of us need.


Small water leak on the rear door.

General Comments:

The 1.9TDI engine gives the car a good turn of speed when needed.

The sport model has the sports suspension package and it makes a difference to handling.

The interior seems to have its fair share of rattles.

Overall the car gives a feeling of strength, which is a bonus on a small hatchback.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2006