11th Jul 2001, 13:19

It's a great car! Looks good, performs well. What more can you ask for under £14,000?!

15th Aug 2001, 07:45

The VW Polo GTi is faster than a Saxo VTS.

24th Aug 2001, 05:26

Firstly, I have to agree on the comment regarding the VTR. It is NOT in the same league as the Polo GTI. It is at LEAST 1 second slower from 0-60. It is nothing more than a warmed up tarted up 1.1. They are cheaper, but you get less equipment and a poorer build quality too.

The Polo GTI is NOT quicker than a VTS though, it will be around a second slower. Again though, it lacks equipment, as the only added extra over the bigger engine is standard ABS brakes and bigger alloy wheels.

28th Sep 2001, 06:03

The Saxo VTS is a much poorer car than the Polo GTI. FWIW, I've had my Polo GTI to 60 in a shade less than 8 seconds by giving the gearbox some grief, which is not far off the 0-60 of the VTS. I've also had my GTI to 135mph, try that in a Saxo!

If you want a cheap boy-racer car, get a VTS, otherwise plump for something a bit better. You pay for what you get.

17th Dec 2001, 06:50

I bought my missus a Polo GTi from Belgium with sat nav. It's a year old now and has done nearly 18 thousand miles. I paid 12 grand inc VAT, it's been good fun with no problems, and yes, I got a ton 35 too, but I'm sorry to offend, I just chopped it in for a Citroen, not a VTS but a Picasso people carrier which accomodates 3 children better.. It will come to you all eventually I'm afraid. From a 34 year old with a missus and 3 kids...

11th Jul 2002, 16:36

Having just purchased a Polo GTI I was pleased to read the comments made on this site.

My last car was a Renault 19 16V, which was certainly a bit quicker than the Polo, however the build quality of the Renault was poor.

I have had a lot of experience of Volkswagens in the past, including Bora, Golf, Passat, Jetta, and they have all been exceptional reliable cars.

I agree, Volkswagens are more expensive and you do not get as much bang for your bucks in terms of performance. That said, I feel you get a superior build quality from Volkswagen.

3rd Aug 2002, 15:32

Bought a 'X' reg Polo GTi (which in my case stands for 'Geriatric Twit Inside') a month ago. Still can't wipe the smile from my face whilst driving it. I like the build quality AND the mpg., which was 41 the last time I checked.

Test drove a Rover 25 GTi before buying the Polo. The Rover was really rough by comparison and the interior was a disaster. Have driven a lot of Pug GTi's (106,206,306) and though some are quicker than the Polo, they fail miserably in the build quality dept.

7th Apr 2003, 05:09

Hay, I've just got a polo gti and think its the dogs b******s. love leaving cars just stood at the lights. it's a definate must buy. the price is fantastic for the build quality.

9th Apr 2003, 18:08

My polo GTI is 3 years old now and just gets faster. It will go 135mph and certainly does 60 in under 8. I like mine, but a word of warning: Mind the plastic cam belt tensioner spindle. Mine shattered and the engine blew up!

Perhaps they should make them out of metal, eh?

5th Jun 2003, 06:02

I've had a Polo GTI for 3 months now (X reg). I love it. The only problem I've got is the BBS alloys. The wheels have tarnished and they look terrible. Has this happened to anyone else's? If so what are the chances of getting new ones on the warranty?

5th Jun 2003, 10:44

Try some silver or metal polish found in common hardware stores.

30th Aug 2003, 14:08

I bought a Polo GTi (X-Reg) a few months back.. the BBS alloys were in a real bad shape.. Car being almost 3 years old I took it to my nearest VW dealer before warranty expired and pleaded with them to have them reconditioned under warranty. To my amazement they replaced all 4 alloy with brand new BBS alloys.. woo hoo.

23rd Nov 2005, 13:44

Funny for a laugh, pure girls/hairdresser/queers car. how could you even think these car are quick, you may have seen 134 on your speedo, but they are usually 10% out at high end.

Buy a golf.

24th Nov 2005, 14:28

I must say I love my (gti), class car to drive very pleasing to the eye and extremely quick! I've never had a days bother with mine and I have it nearly 2 years! brilliant car id highly recommend this car if anyone is looking to buy one!

25th Nov 2005, 02:20

I agree with the above comment. The Polo Gti is very slow. Looks OK though.

25th Nov 2005, 04:48

Extremely SLOW, more like!

You must be used to driving 1.2 16v cars if you think the polo gti is "very quick".


30th Dec 2005, 13:13

I would like to ask the person who commented on the polo as being a hairdressers car, What golf would you have for that money? The only golf with that kind of performance at that price is the 1.8 GTI turbo, and that car has proved to be a shambles with reliability and common faults. It's probably a great car to drive - If you ever get it off a garage ramp. Even so 0-60 times aren't that different.

5th Jan 2008, 18:03

Well FYI... The Polo GTi engine is from its predecessor.. the Golf 4 1.8GTi... I myself own a Polo GTi, and it is an amazing car.. with a nice set of 17" rims and a Chip (Revo remap your computer box) it's faster than the new Golf 5 2L GTI...

And as for your 1.2L LOL comment.. I'll even go as far as to say that you have not been in a Polo GTi, for those who have, see it differently.