14th Jun 2007, 03:52

Hi guys! I own a 1997 vw polo classic. since I am European car enthusiast I really love mo polo classic. only thing is its very very high maintenance cost, although the car is economical when it comes to fuel consumption. spare parts & maintenance is agonizing. I'm in need of brand new front shock absorbers, engine supports and a headlight assembly left (a surplus parts will do). will appreciate your help guys.. please contact me @ my mobile 0919-6789555. thanks!


29th Sep 2007, 04:44

I recently had my 1999 Polo Classic's timing belt replaced and after 2 days of using the car, it suddenly wouldn't start. I had it checked by a mechanic, and according to him, there is a problem with the distributor assembly. Any idea how much it will cost me to buy this part? And where can I buy? For your suggestions/ideas, kindly contact me on this #: 0915-9651880. Thank you!

24th Mar 2008, 22:41

Hello everyone! I have a '97 Polo Classic; when I bought it, it just happened that it had a problem, and we can't get it running. I took it to 3 mechanics, but they could not figure out the problem, so I just towed it back home. I then figured out the problem; it was the thermo switch, (the one that controls the radiator fan). When I switched the key, it pumped more gasoline than the engine could burn, so I disconnected the wire to it. Now it is running, with the fan switched on and doesn't stop automatically. Does anyone know how much the thermo switch costs?

9th Apr 2008, 07:35

I bought a Polo 97 classic in September 2007. now it can't start it is swinging only. bought a new coil but still there is no spark coming out to distribute to plugs brought 2 mechanics still can't find the problem please help. my telephone number is 0732281904.

17th May 2008, 11:54

Hi Polo users! I just got my 97 classic. I had few problems with the clutch. anyways, Does anyone here knows where to find parts and replacements here in Cebu? And also where I could find a VW specialist? thanks!

25th Dec 2008, 02:07

Hi there guys... it's good to know that am not the only person having headaches on my Polo 97 Classic. I bought it last 2004, and am the second owner. For the first 2 years, the performance was okay and never had any problems. But last year I encountered this problem on over heating, clutch, defective power windows and shift gears. I had it all repaired, and it cost me about 20k and a month of waiting. The spare parts are HARD to find! Now I am dying to sell it and buy HONDA cars... Volkswagen is a very durable car, BUT maintaining it will kill you and your budget...

15th Jan 2009, 06:20

Does anyone know how much is the price of the ignition coil? Need one badly.

Yup Volkswagen cars are good, but darn, it will kill you and your pocket.

Now my Polo is on sick leave LOL.

I used my Beetle for the moment.

24th Mar 2009, 05:35

Hello. I have a '99 Polo Classic Model. Very good condition. Just want to check how much is the running price of this unit. Thanks.


4th May 2009, 18:12

Wow!!! It's good to know I'm not the only one having problems! I have a 1997 1.4 VW Polo, I've had it for about 2 years now and since I have had it, I have had nothing but problems!! I have replaced the alternator, fan belt twice, tires, battery 3 times, filter, gear box, wheel alignment, exhaust; you name it, I have replaced it except the clutch until now. I would seriously recommend thinking twice before buying a car like this!!!

23rd May 2009, 20:35

My Polo's idling is going high and low repeatedly, specially when the engine is already hot. My mechanic suspects it has some malfunctioning sensor or maybe the computer box. He doesn't know how to fix the computer box and sensor, but he suggested I hybrid it or replace the whole carburetor to a Toyota 4K carburetor. Hybrid is my last option, but I still want it maintain to its original. Does anyone knows what part of the engine or specific name of sensor is having trouble? Please Help.. Thanks in advance.

28th Jun 2009, 23:35

Gosh, wish I had some answers for you all. I have a Polo 1996, purchased 5 years ago, and had so much trouble with everything, and lots of money later, decided to stop using it. I have just recently pulled it out again, and I am trying to find a mechanic that might actually know what is wrong with it. I have however lost faith in mechanics as they never really seem to fix the problem, and I don't think they really know what the problem is to begin with. Does anyone know a good specialist in Auckland New Zealand?

19th Sep 2009, 21:51

Hi..I 'm from Cebu.. do you know where I can find genuine parts for a VW Polo here??? Tnx :)

29th Jan 2010, 15:22

I'm from Europe, and I'm also proud owner of Polo Classic. First owner, bought it in 1997, and for all these years the car is working perfectly. Only cost I had on it is coolant sensor and silencer. Everything else is still in great working condition and with original parts! The car has 110.000km.

I don't know where have they build your Polos and import them to Philippines, but it's the same thing here, my car was build in Germany and other cars that had been built in Spain have problems like you there, clutch, windows, transmission...

I know lot of people that have Polos from Germany, and all of them like me don't have any problems at all! One even has 250.000km!!!

The ones built in Spain are junk!

So next time if you planning to buy VW, buy an original german built car and you won't have problems like those.

7th Apr 2010, 04:36

Hi, I own a Polo Classic 1.6 m/t petrol. I live in Saudi Arabia.

Recently got this car, it has 150k on it, till now I haven't had many problems with it, it's been with me for a year now.

Fuel consumption is very good, I am happy with it. My advice to you is try to have your car checked by some who has Vagcom or some other diagnostic software, which can tell you problems the mechanic cannot see, and then there are some problems which the devices cannot see like low performance of cables, etc... mail me for any inquiry.. Would be glad to help... prototype_nsx@yahoo.com

18th Nov 2010, 03:27

Go to Carrabelle along Espana in Sampaloc, Manila. Or the one in Maui's in West Avenue QC.

I'll give you the number later, I'll look for it.

9th Jan 2011, 03:05


I'm Rheynan Quinto from Angeles City.

I bought a second hand Polo Classic 97 model this December, and this is my first car.

Since I am a newbie on driving, when I took it to practice driving, I miscalculated on releasing the clutch slowly; the car stopped and I broke the engine support. But I think a single mistake should not break the engine support that easy.

Can somebody help me on where to find VW Polo Classic parts. My power window needs to be fixed, and also my door locks at a fair price.

Contact me at r-quinto1@ti.com or 0916-417-1436

I appreciate your help thanks.