19th Apr 2011, 11:50

Hi, we're planning to buy Polo this week and just want to know, what things should I check? Should I buy one or should I not? You may email me at vino_212667@yahoo.com


1st May 2011, 08:03

Hi, I'm from Iloilo, and I'm the proud 3rd owner of a 1997 VW Polo Classic. 4 years after we first purchased the car, everything is in perfect shape. I even drove it at 120kph and it was asking for more... but my car broke down last year after 7 years of service, and to think I'm the 3rd owner. I even thought of selling it!

Now, I decided to restore it again to its good old perfect condition. I spent total of Php 29,000.00 pesos. Fixed the aircon, overhauled the compressor, changed the fuel pump, changed the cylinder head gasket, rewiring, ball-joints and tie-rod end, and minor repairs on rust and paints. Now it's as good as it was 8 years ago.

All I can say is, if your Polo needs repair, have it done right away.. it'll stay loyal to you for years...

4th Jul 2011, 05:37


I am also using VW Polo Classic, and I would like to have further information and data regarding this car. I bought it from a friend, and a parts manual or service manual were not included; that is why I am having difficulties on checking and repair. Can you help me find some layout and or manual for it?

Appreciate your utmost support support.

Here is my email, should you have time to respond at sopco@mdd.com.ph

Thanks in advance!


VW owner (Laguna area)

26th Jul 2011, 02:44

Hi, I'm an owner of a Polo Classic 97 model. I'm having problems with my car; my two rear suspension are broke, same with my alternator. Can anyone help me with where to buy these parts? I'm from Mindanao, and unluckily there's no VW polo parts dealer here. Can I buy online?

Here's my number 09292957082.

24th Aug 2011, 02:31

I have the same problem in my Volkswagen Polo Classic. High clutch pedal.

16th Sep 2011, 01:15

Hi, does anybody know where to buy a clutch for a Polo, and how much does it cost now? And also other parts for a Polo. I'm from La Union.


20th Sep 2011, 08:55

How's your car now? Have you checked the alternator?

30th Oct 2011, 05:55

I just want to know where did send for a repair of your Polo Classic? Any suggestion or recommendation for a particular auto repair shop in Iloilo, because I need my Polo Classic repaired too. Thanks.

30th Dec 2011, 09:00

Hello, I'm Mark. I just recently I bought a VW Polo 1997. I have a problem, because the engine stops and I could hear the fuel pump pumping hard before it stops. I'm so desperate with this problem. We've converted the carburetor into 4k, but still it's a mess up. I replaced the fuel pump filter and cleaned the carbs; still the same problem. Also the temperature is so high.

5th Jan 2012, 03:28

Hi Mark! Why not join our club in Facebook and post your questions or queries there. Just search for VW Polo Club PH. I'm sure our members will gladly help you.

15th Mar 2012, 13:54

I thought my 2005 Alfa Romeo was a pain in the bank balance; the passion had turned to punishment, and I had to let her go.

A friend of mine had this 1999 Polo Classic in mint condition, low mileage, and a steal at the price, and a quick hassle free replacement.

It is the worst car I have owned. Have had it 2 years now, I think I have been through all the problems from A-Z, ignition switch, alternator, starter motor, clutch, window winder issues, door unlocking issues. Think it's time to see how long it will burn for.

25th Apr 2012, 23:54

Thermo switch will cost you around 6,000Php.

25th Apr 2012, 23:56

A VW Polo Classic coil will cost you around 11k.

28th Apr 2012, 23:44

Where do you see the spark comming from?

28th Apr 2012, 23:46

All of the problems you mentioned are very minimal; just go to an electrician and have it checked.

For the signal light, you can buy a new signal relay for the radio. You may change the head unit or just the electrical.

29th Apr 2012, 00:45

It's not the computer box that you have to worry about. Think about changing the oil and the usual maintenance. A computer box will only break if you intend to break it.

25th May 2012, 17:57

Hello, I'm also a Volkswagen owner of a Polo Classic. If you could help me locate the exact location of that place in Buendia? I was there before, but my friend is there to purchase some brand new parts; he could not find the store, the one with the big store that deals with Mercedes and other European cars. Please reply ASAP. Thanks a lot.

13th Sep 2012, 02:02

The place at Buendia is currently renovating. That's why you probably had the hard time to locate it. Anyway, if you want I can supply you surplus parts, which are very much lower in price as compared to the brand new ones, and they are still in good condition. If you want, you can contact me at 09399061408. Thanks and Happy Motoring.

27th Sep 2012, 01:58

Carabelle is located in 445G Araneta Ave. They are not in EspaƱa anymore.. This is the number - 7327753.

Does anyone have a surplus air conditioner switch for Polo Classic? Mine just got broke so I need one. Carabelle is selling the air conditioner switch, but it is very expensive.

30th Aug 2014, 12:34

There is an auto parts store in San Fernando, Pampanga that sells VW parts,

The name of the place is Arnies VW Parts.

4th Sep 2014, 10:34

My name is Steve and I am looking for a cylinder head gasket for a 1997 Polo Classic. May I inquire as to where you purchased your gaskets? My email is

sbb195020002001@yahoo.com and my cell is 09399593881.

Thank you.

19th Sep 2014, 09:35

Try Burger Motors in Glenfield.

1st Oct 2014, 08:43

I'm also planning on doing the same because it start to boil when I drive it. I don't know what the problem is right now.

9th Feb 2015, 00:29

I bought a 1997 VW Polo. I need to replace the starter, any suggestions guys?

22nd Feb 2015, 04:57

Have your starter repaired with an electrical mechanic. If you are from Manila, you can try Rey's electrical, Wizzard or Yock's. If it can't be fixed, I might find a surplus starter. Depends on the availability. Email me at jpm333_911@yahoo.com.

5th May 2015, 10:56

It's the water temperature sensor.

2nd Nov 2015, 23:50

Hi, I am also a Polo 97 owner. I am having a problem with the RPM of my car... it just won't go down and stays at 2k... so if I'm in idle, it stays at 2k RPM, which is really gasoline consuming... Do you have any idea what the problem is? Please help... thanks.

11th Mar 2016, 07:56

Back in 1997 a new Polo Classic was PHP525,000; you either had the choice of free insurance or a free Blaupunkt CD changer. I opted for the free insurance. After 19 years and 139,337 kilometers and an average of PHP2,000 pesos or PHP24,000 maintenance (if driven daily) I'd like to say that you need the right mechanic and the right place to buy the parts:

1. The Polo shares some of its parts from other VWs and it's not that expensive if you know the parts that are compatible from www.germanautoparts.com. Yes it's in NY (if you have friends there), but there is ZF in Singapore as an alternative. If you buy from Carabel/Mode it will be 2-3 times the price as they pay import freight and taxes, so there.

2. 09339332447 is the number of Stephen. He is the guru of VWs and an expert mechanic. So these are the 2 things you need. All the best guys!

26th Jun 2016, 13:20

I have a Polo 96. The gearbox was replaced 4 months ago. It won't go into gear and the gearbox area makes a loud noise when heated up. Mechanic wants to take it out and put another one in. I don't trust him. He doesn't know it was recently done. Disheartening, I live rural and not many mechanics around. Will consider selling it as is.

8th Feb 2017, 17:05

Friend, please help me with where I can find parts for VW in Iloilo?

28th Apr 2017, 14:09

Hi VW Polo friends. I own a 1997 Polo Classic and I can proudly say that from my Polo Classic I've learned to appreciate VW's rich history and tradition. It is my daily driver for quite a number of years now. Likewise this car used to transport my dad during his dialysis sessions when he was still alive. Yes there are expenses incurred in its maintenance, but I could probably say it is on par compared with other car brand. Very proud to own one. Given the opportunity I would like to acquire more of these Polos. In the future I would like to continue this great legacy with my children.


14th Jan 2018, 19:50

I bought a can of Wurth Carburettor and throttle plate cleaner. Works wonders.

19th Jan 2019, 12:42

Hi everyone,

I recently bought VW Polo 1997. I just want to ask where I can buy clutch kit for this model and brand?

Any help is greatly appreciated.