29th Oct 2007, 17:36

I have a W reg 1.4 Polo and have had all the problems on this site, and it has full a service history and only 55000 miles.

The stalling is the carb body that needs cleaning; most DIY people can do this.

The water gets in the doors from the seals on the windows; this jams the windows, so take the inside of the door off and just tap the motor that lifts the window, it will now work.

The door locks are on ebay for about £20 new.

The gear box; that's a lot bigger job.

The VW Polo,s are a load of rubbish; problem on problem.

If every thing in life was as reliable as a VW, we would all be ----. I would never ever have one again.

12th Dec 2007, 09:57

Hi; Just paid out £480 for a new clutch for my '05 (yes, '05!) Polo 1.4 TDI DUNE with 20K on the clock. This was due to wear and tear apparently and not covered by the warranty.

VW did not service my car; it was carried out to VW spec by my local garage, so I think they are trying it on with me. I have asked them for the parts so that I can get them independently assessed.

:- (

12th Dec 2007, 13:32

Everything that goes wrong with a VW in warranty seems to be "wear and tear".

9th Jan 2008, 09:57

1999 1.4cl S reg.

I use to have an old 1984 Classic Polo 1.1 before owning this new S reg polo. Old car ran and ran day after day with no problems ever for almost 20 years. Only thing I really had to do was service it once a year. I brought this S reg 1.4CL with only 41,000 on the clock. Had nothing, but problems with this car since owning it. Low mileage I thought, should do a good turn VW has been trusty in the past. Wrong. So far I have had to have all the gearbox bearings changed at 45,000, new clutch at 50,000. Central locking broke, needed a new pump. Door locks broke. Sump leaking oil, had that repaired. New auxilary tensioner, old one was making strange noises. Engine temperature sender changed twice in a year. Gear selector went loose at 52,000 making it hard to get into gear.

This car is a pile of junk and its got full VW service history. I would never buy another VW car again. They use to be great for reliability. Can't wait to get rid of it.

17th Jan 2008, 18:44


I have a 2001 polo with 200k km, and it has no problems. I drove it for the last 100 000 km and it runs OK; the clutch screeches a bit when I press it, but that just 150 pounds to replace. I love this car, but now I am frightened after reading all these comments.

Thank you.

21st Jan 2008, 12:00


Girlfriend phoned me tonight to say that her 2002 polo 55k miles was stuck and she couldn’t get it into first gear. Sounds like the pedal box from reading all these complaints! Does anyone know if this would be covered still by VW? We didn't buy the car from a main dealer, but would VW still make the repair to the pedal box? And where is the pedal box?


27th Jan 2008, 06:48

Own a 2001 1.4 Match Polo, and thought we had a good car until I read all this. So far, have replaced brake sensors at £150 but last week have been told I need a new gearbox. only done 45,000 miles; after reading this I'm starting to think that it's time to get rid. I wonder if the dealer would replace our pedal box too?

7th Feb 2008, 15:22

My VW 2004 Polo Twist is currently having a 'spring clean'. I've had puddles on the passenger side and a damp boot; thought it was fixed, but no, the water is back again. The car is damp and mouldy and smelly, and the latest news from vw is that the car has to be stripped to find the problem as the car is wet throughout, from roof to floor. It's going to cost a lot of money just to find the problem without fixing it. I asked where I stood as it's got to be a manufacture error and was told that flooding warranty is very minimal (and I'm out of warranty anyway, but that won't stop me). Any suggestions why problem greatly appreciated. Thank you.

9th Mar 2008, 08:20

I too feel like a victim of the common problems with VW Polo's. I purchased mine for 4k in August last year from an independent dealer. It is a 1.4 2001 model, petrol, only 40k mileage.

I have already paid £200.00 for a new clutch cable which had snapped, but recently have been experiencing problems with the engine when engaging into 5th gear. The car seems to jerk and engine makes really loud noise.

Really worried about about how much more will have to pay, does anyone think VW themselves may help?

23rd Mar 2008, 08:14

Hi Again.

Finally sold my VW POLO 2001 for a mere AUD5000. after purchasing it brand new for AUD24.990 and repairs of AUD8000 in the 7 years I had it, this is the most the VOLKSWAGEN DEALERS would give me.

So all of you out there thinking that you are getting your moneys worth on VW think again.

Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy the dramas I had with this car.

Melbourne, Australia.

13th May 2008, 15:27

I JUST BOUGHT A VW POLO 1.4 6WKS ago. it's a 52 reg and I'm having trouble already. It has for the last 3 wks been intermittently starting reluctantly with a whole load of smoke shooting out the back. I guess this is fuel burning off. The problem is now occurring every day and it also cuts out at junctions and when in traffic. I'll be taking it back to the independent garage I bought it from but having called out the AA who did a diagnostic test and could not find a fault, I'm not confident my problem will be fixed. Does anyone have any clues as to what it could be... have you had this experience??

Downhearted london.

9th Jun 2008, 16:31

Hi everyone; I've read all of your comments about the Polo. Sadly, I bought one of them as well, and I've got the electric window and central locking problem. I just wonder if anyone could help diagnose exactly what causes it, and what is the best way of repairing it? Thanks in advance.

30th Jun 2008, 16:15

VW POLO SE Emission warning light on steady with engine running uneven.

Laptop check showed one cylinder not firing.

Coil changed £38.00

Fault cleared and engine running evenly again.

1st Jul 2008, 08:06

Yes, I got a Polo about 6 months back (S reg). Since then, I've had to get a whole new engine, a new door handle and now I have to try and fix the central locking that suddenly stopped a couple of days back, and also sort out the radio which also suddenly stopped at the same time. I've checked the fuse under the steering when (near my knees) and also pulled the radio out to see if there are any loose wires, but can find everything to fix the problem. Aggggggh! I wish cars would just bloody work! I was better off with my 1980s Ford Fiesta, which was basically scrap metal... and it only cost me 1p!