1985 Volvo 240 GL B23 from North America




I had to change lower front seal.

I had to change the odd fuses.

I had to change the Muffler.

I had to buy new tires.

I had to change oil.

General Comments:

My beautiful well maintained Volvo 240 gl had treated me well and I am confident it will go another 200 thousand Km with only minor up keep of the vehicle. I just recently drove out to the west coast of British Columbia Canada and put on 10 thousand Km within a month and had no troubles, but rather hard climbing certain long stretch of highway mountains. I am currently just now having fuel pump problems and I am very skeptical to replace it because all it may needs is a cleaning up on the contacts.Nevertheless, my Volvo had not giving me any stress. Now, I am debating if I should sell my almost mint Volvo to someone else to enjoy!

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Review Date: 15th September, 2004

1985 Volvo 240 DL 4 Cylinder Non-turbo from North America


This Volvo displays the key elements in a well made car: Power, Safety, and Comfort.


I had to replace the power steering pump when I purchased the car.

The windshield wiper motor was replaced after the 1st month of ownership.

Fuel line (from tank to pump) replaced at 230000 due to leaks from the age.

Exhaust pipe from 1st muffler to 2nd muffler rusted and had to be fixed.

Driver seat starting to sink in.

Dash lights shorted out due a wire within the shifter. Rheostat needs to be replaced.

Vacuum hoses needed to be replaced. (They were torn)

General Comments:

I adore this car. Though it has had a few problems, I have learned more about cars in general through fixing and understanding it.

This is my first car, and it totally fits every need that I have in automobiles.

The comfort level is amazing, I refuse to drive and sometimes ride in other cars.

The performance is great, I get where I have to quickly, and safely.

The giant box-structure adds to the roominess, but makes the gas mileage a little less appealing.

Overall, it is very reliable. I just change my oil when I need to, (synthetic is a must have) and keep the fluid levels filled.

If you are debating over whether to buy this car, drive it first, and I am sure you will end up buying it.

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Review Date: 24th May, 2004

1985 Volvo 240 GL 1.7L from North America


The best car in the family aside from my brothers Camaro


The car was sitting in a drive way in Washington state for a little over a year. My dad went back up to get and got it checked. There was steering fluid leaking and the wipers did not work. This car is the best car we have had it got my dad back for Wash. to Florida even with those problems.

Now that it is home it has been sitting in the garage for a good 3 years which makes me sad... I went out there one day a looked at it the windows, clutch, trunk, lights, engine, and the AC plus the other stuff that was wrong with it.

I am glad to say my dad and I finally got a jump on it and got the windows, trunk, lights, engine, and AC all working great.

We know have all the parts to finish fixing it and I do look forward to driving it.

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Review Date: 1st March, 2004

5th Mar 2004, 17:45

How did you manage to rate performance (a "10/10"? get real), reliability and everything else when you haven't even driven it yet??

1985 Volvo 240 dl from North America




Very few things have gong wrong, While my sister was driveing the mufler fell off, but that is to be expected.

General Comments:

Volvo is the best car company ever devised. I am 14 and am going to get this car after my sis is tired with it. Volvo runs in my family "my father's side".

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Review Date: 25th December, 2003

15th Sep 2004, 16:40

I have a 85 240 and its great! I only need 1 tow since I got the car for 7 years without any major work.


Alberta Canada.