1985 Volvo 240 DL B230F from North America


Reliable transportation at a reasonable price


Air mass meter went at 200,000 miles, cost $60 to fix. Still ran well enough to get me home!

Lots of body rust when I first bought it, persists, but only takes about 3 hours a year to fix.

Only gets 23 miles per gallon, my old tercel got 35. $$$

General Comments:

Starts up nicely all year round.

When something breaks I know I can get a good deal on the parts.

Very comfortable interior.

Heater warms up VERY fast (in about 1/4 mile of driving).

Nice retro boxy look.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2003

1985 Volvo 240 DL B21 from Netherlands


If you have the chance, buy one


Directly after I'd bought the car the spark plugs, ignition rotor, oil filter, and air filter where replaced.

It also would not shift into 1st gear.

After replacing the coupling between the gearbox and shifter rod it shifted well. replacement costs +/- 5 euro at the junk yard)

The chassis of the car is corroded which I'm working on.

General Comments:

After 275000 Km The Volvo starts immediate, also at -10 degrees celcius.

Though it's not a fast car, it drives perfect, the brakes are working great, and I've never got feeling that I've lost control.

It's a great car, and I love driving it.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2003

1985 Volvo 240 2.3 from Netherlands


One of the best options if you're looking for reliability and safety


In fact this model didn't exist. When I got it, the engine was totally worn out. The space between the pistons and the cylinders was quite suitable as a mailbox, newspaper size.

I started to replace the original 1900 engine (B19K) for an engine of an 740 (B200K). There was very much work to do to make this engine suitable for the 240. We had to remove the ignition from the back of the engine and put another type in the place where it has to be on a 240. We did a lot of modifying on the ignition, the carburetor and the vacuum system. We put Koni load adjusters instead of the original shock absorbers on the back and so on. When it all was tuned, the car ran about 200 kilometers an hour. And it still looked like a standard 240!

The car could run on petrol and on Liquid Gas (LPG). When I look through the years, the total cost of ownership was just a 22 Eurocent per kilometer!! Off course, doing the maintenance almost by myself, it's not quite fair in comparison with the cost of ownership of a car that regularly is visiting the garage, but subtract the amount of money for the costs that are not the costs of the spare parts, and you will see the light. There's the truth!

I kept a database of every repair and all the spare parts needed. Some remarkable facts turned up.

At 580.00 kilometers, the cylinder head needed a revision.

I replaced the gearbox for another (second hand) one at 520.000 kilometers, and we replaced the floor of the car underneath the front seats. This was due to a leaking rubber on the place where the electrical wiring came into the interior. I replaced at that time also the electrical wiring on and around the engine. This was a poor construction; due to the temperature of the engine, the insulation of the wires was just crumbs. I made a new cables around the engine on the body with cables from the body to the engine. Much better. In later types like the 940, Volvo did the same thing.

Following the maintenance scheme; oil changes, spark plugs, belts and so on were replaced. Never one problem. I found out one thing, just like the former Volvo's I owned. Spare water pumps last longer than 20.000 to 30.000 kilometers. Only the original Volvo water pump lasts longer than 180.000 kilometers.

Using original spare parts is essential for good functioning. Third party gaskets always caused trouble, only original brake pads or pads from Lucas (which are made under the name Volvo too) were satisfying. The best tires for overall comfort and safety turned out to be Kleber tires.

I'd liked to make at least one million kilometers with this car, but my White Lady died in an unfortunate accident, in which she saved the life of her owner. There were three cars fully destroyed, I was the only one who came out healthy, with not even a scratch. The front and the back of the of the car took the trouble, but the doors opened and closed like new ones.

There was too much repair to do, so I bought a 940. The 240 sedan is hard to become in Holland. But this special one, which made 50.000 kilometers a year without serious troubles on the road will last in my memory forever. The 240 is one of the safest and greatest cars I know.

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Review Date: 6th November, 2002