1989 Volvo 240 DL B230F (4 cylinder) from North America


Awesome car!


The blower motor for the heat and A/C went bad.

O2 sensor went bad.

Overdrive relay went bad.

The E.C.U (brain) went bad.

Replaced most of the lenses for the lights on the car, as they cracked and broke with age.

The odometer stopped at 213k, and a few other things; the list is too long.

I have put over $5 thousand in repairs.

General Comments:

I LOVE MY VOLVO! Despite all the things I have had to fix on this car, it has been a trooper. Including me it has survived 4 college students, been rode hard, put up wet and still usually doesn't complain. My friends and I affectionately call it "The Blue Beast", and it really lives up to its name. It is one of the most comfortable cars I have ever owned. The heated seats are a blessing in the winter.

As for the handling, it corners like it is on rails. I was shocked when I first started driving it. It's a big body sedan that will fit in places it's hard to get some smaller car, due to the fact it turns on a dime. The brakes are amazing, they are so responsive and stop the car very effectively.

The ac leaves much to be desired, it was built for Sweden. The A/C keeps it bearable, but not as cold as I would like, still and all it's OK.

As for acceleration, it's a little sluggish, but once it gets going, watch out. The car is a little underpowered, but at the same time has no problem doing 80mph down the interstate.

Another complaint I have about it, and it's a small one, the car seems to throw hubcaps. I have 1 original and 3 replicas. Luckily they are fairly inexpensive to replace.

I love the funky, boxy style of this car too.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2008

1989 Volvo 240 DL from North America


Absolutely fantastic car!


Occasional rough starting.

Windshield wiper motor replaced.

Overdrive switch had to be replaced.

Exhaust pipe between two mufflers rusted and broke off at one end.

Tail lights go out constantly.

General Comments:

I love this car. It has been owned within my family since it was pulled off the lot eighteen years ago. I inherited it several years ago as a college student, and have had minimal problems. Despite the electrical quirks, it has treated my family and I extremely well!

Most problems with this car have been electrical. Overdrive switch was malfunctioning, randomly taking my car in and out of overdrive (not enjoyable when you're donig 70mph on the highway). Tail brake lights go out constantly, which I believe is due to moisture... this isn't a huge problem because they're cheap, easy to replace, and the inside break light always works.

The stock radio/tape deck stopped working a while ago, which I replaced with a Sony stereo unit.

A few other electrical sensors have been replaced to solve a mysterious problem where the car would occasionally not start. Numerous mechanics were stumped by this, but the problem seemed to go away after we replaced the sensors.

This car is roomy, classic, and is more fun to drive than expected. While it doesn't have any safety features per se, it's an absolute TANK, so I've never been worried about what would happen in an accident.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2007

1989 Volvo 240 GL 2.3L 4 cylinder petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Top quality


Only a blown taillight bulb.

Recently the engine has started to ping, it is terrible when I use regular unleaded and so I now have to fill up with premium. This helps, but even still under strong acceleration and up hills the car pings. It drives me nuts! I have asked other 240 owners and the mechanic and people tell me that these cars don't normally have pinging problems so if anybody could assist me with this please leave a comment!

General Comments:

This car is great because it is so reliable and also has some distinction compared to other cars. I think its clean, strong design is timeless and classic. That's one of the main things that drew me to the model.

The upright, sturdy driving position is very comfortable. After driving other cars, even new model Volvos, I always like to get back behind the wheel of my 240.

The car slops around corners (when empty) and the brakes are quite severe, but these are things you get used to.

I really love this car, but I have to admit that sometimes it's boring to drive. It really does accelerate like a snail. I think a manual would be better. Its good to take this car out on a long drive in the country with a full load. In fact the car seems to handle much better when it's full of passengers and luggage.

I love the sensible, understated and rather utilitarian design of the dashboard and fittings. This is a very well designed car and everything is of high quality. It shows in its appearance despite its almost 20 years age. The only interior problem is the brittle door pockets which crack easily. There are also two inconspicuous cracks in the dashboard.

I love the crazy fasten seatbelt sign which flashes and ticks with such urgency until everyone's buckled up! And what about the orange safety triangles with exclamation marks that show when the doors are open?! I mean, as if anyone couldn't see it for themselves! Watch out guys! The doors open! Hazard!

But really I love my Volvo. I thoroughly recommend this model.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2007

12th Sep 2007, 09:17

Yeah it shouldn't ping- they have a knock sensor that alters the timing if it starts pinging. It might be something else...

I have a 1989 with 250 000 kms and no pinging.

18th Sep 2011, 02:07

If you look in the owner's manual, you will see that premium fuel is recommended. The knock sensor will let the computer know if you run the cheap stuff, and the timing will be retarded accordingly, resulting in a loss of performance, and worse gas mileage..