1989 Volvo 240 GLE 2.0 NA(B200E) from Taiwan


It's classic


Rear windshield demister don't work.

Cold starting is difficult.

Exhaust pipe has some cracks which produce loud noise.

Driver's seat lean toward center of the car.

Assistant's seat supporting springs came off.

Front brake disks deformed, so there is some vibrations when applying brakes.

Hard to get in 4th (overdrive) gear.

General Comments:

This car is durable and solid, especially engine, and maintenance cost is not very high.

Fuel consumption rate is barely acceptable, 10~11km/L on highway and 6~7km/L in urban area.

Although the suspension is not tough, this car is quite easy-handling, and is enough to evade some dangerous situations.

She runs slow, maximum speed is only about 170km/h, and acceleration is poor. When running over 110km/h, the wind noise very loud. (Because of boxy styling?)

I hope I will have enough money to power-up this old girl.

For the price I bought her, she is valuable.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2005

8th May 2005, 16:20

You've got to be kidding about it being a classic. It's just a Volvo.

28th Oct 2005, 05:53

The Volvo 240 is a classic to those who appreciate these fine cars. One day you too might be able to understand the appeal of the volvo 240.

11th Dec 2011, 01:40

I always drove VW for years, then I got a 850 dollar 240 and started driving it. These cars are built better than most cars. Way over engineered, which makes it super reliable. It's not fast, but adequate. Handles surprisingly well for a brick. It's quiet, and easy to drive. 4 wheel disc brakes, LSD, rear trailing arm suspension. The appearance grows on you. Now I love it.

1989 Volvo 240 DL from North America


For the money this has been a reliable, stylish, classic car


Thermostat needle malfunctions-randomly droops to cold.

Several issues with clogged flame trap causing oil to blow out cap on engine.

Small leak at water pump; stopped with Barr's 20K ago.

Hydraulic arms to hold rear door do not function.

Rear engine seal has been leaking for 45000K miles.

Front struts are wearing, but still functioning.

Rotors have been turned until thin.

Random electrical problems, such as the rear defrost is always "on", sometimes when car is switched off it will continue to run, and at random times when the car is "off" and the brake is pushed the rest of the car will behave as if ignition switch is on AC.

Driver's seat looked like a large gorilla had driven it then tried to break it; replaced with a junk one that is a bit better, but still pretty broken down and heater does not work.

Random body hardware issues.

Air conditioning is puny, but heat is killer.

Brakes wear easily and quickly.

Body trim falls off easily.

General Comments:

This is now a fifteen year old car and is still going strong. I paid $2200 for it three years ago and have put about $400 of non-routine repairs into it. I will soon sell it for $1500 to a friend who knows it works and wants to keep it going while I search for a newer Volvo wagon.

This 240DL Wagon just keeps on ticking with minimal mechanical problems. If it did not need a rear engine seal, I would not hesitate to drive it from North Carolina to California (except for the bad seat).

It drives great, has amazing pickup for a car this heavy and a four-cylinder. I live in the high mountains and this car will simply fly up the steepest hills you can find, passing many newer cars with apparent ease. It feels like you're in a boat instead of a car. I like this!

The body hardware is bad news, with door panel storage units either gone or missing. They are placed where it is too easy to kick them as you get into car. Other buttons feel loose in their sockets or simply don't function anymore. I should say that all the needed hardware is still working fine, with the exception of a visor bracket that broke last year.

The driver's seat was shot as mentioned and replacing them with new is cost prohibitive, meaning they cost more than the car is worth! What I have is very uncomfortable, as the lumbar support is gone. The seat heater on this side has not worked since I bought it.

The car is generally creaky and squeaky.

Some sense of roll-over when cornering at any speed over 10 MPH.

The electrical problems make me feel like there's a poltergeist at work, but I just ignore them as they don't seem dangerous yet.

I have mud-bogged this thing and driven it on the highway, and she never ceases to blow mine and my friends' minds with her prowess!

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Review Date: 4th November, 2004

28th Dec 2004, 18:19

I have a 1990 240 DL sedan, and when I purchased it the driver's seat was shot. Instead of replacing it I went to a local car reupholstering shop, and got the metal structure of the seat fixed, had new padding installed, and got a tear in the cloth sewn back up all for $75. Having this done is a much cheaper alternative, rather than buying a new or used seat. The seat is now very comfortable and supportive. I hope this information can be of some assistance to you. Good Luck.