1990 Volvo 240 DL 2.2 liter inline 4 from North America


Underpowered, but comfortable and utterly reliable


About a year after I bought the car, the engine began to cut out unpredictably, which turned out to be an electrical problem.

Most of the plastic in the car (e.g. dashboard, map holders) has cracked, from being in the sun for fourteen years.

The rear left tail light blows out far too often.

General Comments:

As an eighteen year-old, I feel the car is underpowered, with only 120 or so horsepower and 3,000 pounds of steel to haul about.

The handling, however is superb. The weight of the steering is good, and it is direct and communicative. Body roll can be a problem if you desire performance driving (few do from Volvos).

It is utterly reliable, safe, seriously overbuilt, and a joy to drive.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2004

27th Oct 2006, 19:40

A Classic. Bought a white 240 DL used with 76,000 miles on it for $14,000 in 1996. Had it serviced only by Volvo mechanic at dealership. Had to replace timing belt and "main computer" in engine for $1,000 and fuel pump relay. Still, this has been my favorite car; even people with much newer more expensive Volvos at the service garage at the dealership offered to buy my car because it looks so classic. This was Volvo's car of the year when it came out -- a.k.a the "tank". They don't build 'em like this anymore. It's not sporty, but is possibly the safest car ever made and looks classic as well. I will never sell this one, even though I have since owned two other cars. Volvo mechanics love to work on this car. No matter how old it gets, I never feel embarrassed driving it -- it has taken on that classic car image almost like an old Rolls (almost!)

1990 Volvo 240 DL 2.3 CC SOHC Fuel Injection from Netherlands


A very reliable, safe car, that will run forever!


The usual Parts that wear out:

- The clutch at 230.000 Km

- Braking disks all 4 replaced. 230.000 Km

- Exhaust, some parts. 180.000 Km

-Suspension bushings replaced. 230.000Km.

Other parts

- Broken crankshaft position sensor, car wouldn't start. Replacement was 20 euro. Usually installed in 45 min.

-Oil seal from the engine replaced.

-Headlight reflectors replaced.

-Monroe overload suspension dampers, air pressurized.

General Comments:

Overall quality is very high.

The car is very safe and the bodywork is also quite strong. When I reversed into a big three a few years ago (with 15 km/hr), no damage was done! Other small crashes with cars and road signs, not a scratch.

The engine runs smooth and has lots of torque and it gives a decent acceleration. The fuel consumption is also quite good. 1 liter for 13 Km is not bad for such a large and old car. The engine uses no oil or coolant, and it requires very little attention.

The gearbox shifts smooth, but the stroke of the gear leaver is rather long compared to modern cars. Sometimes the gearbox wouldn't shift to the first gear, but after a small repair that was fixed.

The road holding of a standard Volvo 240 isn't that great (huge improvements can be made with aftermarket parts though). It is a very comfortable cruiser, but not really fast on the mountain roads.. The suspension makes the car float over the bumps of the road. The high riding height makes it possible to go where other cars can't. The turning circle is very small for such a big car.

The brakes are very good. With its ventilated front disc's and solid rear disc's, and a triangle divided braking system (Even when a brake line snaps, the car maintains it's stopping power), the brakes never let you down.

A very nice car, a future classic and a very suitable car for transporting heavy goods.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2004