1990 Volvo 440 GL from Sweden


Good Reliable, but bit rusty


The kilometer meter stopped working almost immediately after I got the car. This normally could be a good thing, but I want to sell it now and wasn't able to fix the problem. I think this will bring down the value quite a bit or a very trusting buyer. I am guessing how many kilometers I have driven the car in 1 1/2 years.

I live in the middle of Sweden and it is damn cold here. About 3 months after I bought the car and during the 1st really cold days, the handbrake froze up and broke. It costed about 130 US to fix and the guy did a crappy job, so now I don't use the handbrake in the cold witer period.

When I went to pass the yearly car test a year after I got the car, I had to replace both headlights (the whole light, not the bulb). I bought 2 used ones and did it myself. Cost about $130 US again. I also need to replace the back suspension. about $150 b/c I found a friend who could do it real cheap.

Now the car is starting to rust pretty bad in the driver door and in a couple wheel bases, but it isn't so visible yet, so I want to sell it while it still looks good.

General Comments:

This car handles fine.

It has very comfortable seats and the inside feels only a few years old.

It gets good highway mileage, but I am not impressed in the city for a car of this size.

It doesn't leak anything.

It rides like a very solid car.

If you live somewhere where rust on cars aren't a big problem, then this car is probably great, otherwise, make sure to check everywhere for rust before you buy it.

I like the reliability. It starts everytime right away and I have never had a moter problem.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2005

1990 Volvo 440 GL 1.7 petrol from UK and Ireland


So called "old man's" car is actually great for young drivers


Radiator sprung a leak after one month of ownership. Re-cored at a cost of £75 and fitted myself with the aid the the trusty Haynes Manual.

Brake Pads recently wore out. Not a problem in itself, but when it came to bleeding the system after replacing them the nipples on the front calipers were rusted solid and sheered off. Pair of "new" calipers from a scrap-yard set me back £15 (plus £25 for the new pads)

Engine will sometimes run on after switching off the ignition. I have tried adjusting the idle speed settings, but have yet to find a cure (any ideas?)

Sub-standard Renault derived gearbox is a bit agricultural. Synchro-mesh has pretty much worn out on first gear and the bushes have worn out, meaning the car is a bit noisy at high speeds (I'm told this is a common problem with high mileage boxes and doesn't affect the cars usability)

Fair amount of rust around the rear wheels arches and along the door sills. Spoils the look of the car, but that's about it. Hasn't got any worse since I bought it.

General Comments:

Despite the faults listed above I firmly believe this car is fantastic and great value for money. I paid £250 for mine, but £500 will get you a low mileage one with no problems if you shop around.

The car is quick off the lights, corners well and being a Volvo is nice and cheap to insure, particularly for a young driver (I first insured mine when I was 19, with Norwich Union it cost £880 third party fire and theft as a first time driver. This has gone down to £623 with one years no claims)

I use my Volvo on a daily basis and the car has been very dependable, always starting, whatever the weather. And of course on cold days those heated seats are a god-send.

Would I buy another one? definitely, although next time round I think I might look for a turbo :)

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Review Date: 25th January, 2005