1990 Volvo 440 GL 1.7 carburator from France


Lovely strong


My alternator went out of service as the car slept for two years before I get it. Everything else is in a perfect condition despite 2 years of inactivity.

General Comments:

It is a cheap and sure purchase, as long as you have nothing to spend on it. Spare parts are pretty expensive. Performance is surprising, but above all the engine is especially pleasant and it is a pleasure to cruise. I am really in love with this car and I would now like to buy the a more recent & powerful one. One problem : hard to sell...

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Review Date: 21st July, 2003

1990 Volvo 440 GLE 1.7 from UK and Ireland


Reliable, safe and flexible


There are occasionally problems starting the car after it has been for a long run (one hour or more). It does start after a few turns though.

The radiator top hose became fractured due to friction against the engine. I tried 3 scrap yards before finding a suitable replacement hose and have now placed a pad between the hose and the engine.

Still on the cooling system, it also has a slow leak which I haven't yet located.

Minor intermittent electrical faults like electric mirrors not always working.

General Comments:

The cabin is adequate considering the cars age. Grey interior is a bit gloomy, but functional.

Heated seats are a luxury in the winter, and do actually heat up quickly.

The car doesn't look out of place parked next to newer cars as the bodywork is still very nice.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2003

13th Aug 2003, 11:40

Does anyone know how to check the oil level on the 440?

29th Oct 2003, 01:06

You pull the oil dip stick out, which is obvious to the eye, ans see if the level of oil is between min an max.

Same for every car I have ever seen.

1990 Volvo 440 GL 1.8 from Poland


Comfortable, nice car if kept good by the previous owner


There is a small problem with transmission because of driving with out recommended level of oil in gearbox.

I had to buy new battery.

General Comments:

Good car for longer distances.

Good handling.


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Review Date: 10th February, 2003

1990 Volvo 440 Si 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Surprise your family and friends - don't tell them how fast it can go till you floor the pedal!


Throttle-control motor failed - lost idle speed and rev-limiting - cheap replacement.

Hatchback support-arms frequently shear off - slight design modification now implemented on replacement struts.

Clutch cable broke (but clutch still going at 157000miles...)

General Comments:

This car is a wolf in a very boring, box-shaped sheep's clothing.

Apart from the strange clutch-foot position that doesn't allow you to rest your foot on the ground (although you can cancel the left-indicator with your knee...), it's extremely comfortable - seats come with lumbar support, heaters and are low, sporty and bucket-like!

The car has stupid amounts of torque at low revs making economical driving easy as it is very possible to drive, never having to go above 2000 RPM (even on steep hills).

It goes amazingly and stunningly fast. Will do 90 in 3rd gear and sounds perfect at 4000+ RPM!

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Review Date: 1st March, 2002

1990 Volvo 440 1.7 turbo from UK and Ireland


A very fast and under-rated car


It needed a new alternator.

It drinks oil for some reason.

Needed a new bumper, front left headlamp and wheel, after I drove it into a bush!

Now the windscreen has cracked from bottom nearly to top!

Computer says oil needs checking, again!

Bulb needs changing on brake light.

Trim rattles, which is very annoying.

General Comments:

My dad got this car in 1997 and put me on the insurance in 2000, so in effect this was my first car, and what a car to drive for your first car!

This car is very fast and can beat any boy racers in their Nova SRi's and XR3i's at the lights.

My dad claims to have had it up to 130mph and said it could have gone further, but he didn't want to try it.

It looks like a sensible car which is why it is probably so under-estimated, but underneath that bonnet is a beast!

It is quite insurance friendly also, even if I did have my own insurance and wasn't on my dads.

Everyone came to college in their Metros and Micras and it just made me laugh when these people tried to race home with me!

Fuel consumption isn't bad either, only if driven in a sensible manner, which I never really did!

It's at its best on the motorway and cruises very well. It is also very comfortable.

The trim is rattly and is hanging on the passenger door by a thread, but if the stereo is turned up you can't hear them.

It is a fantastic car and I still go out in it when I'm missing the thrill!, as my Corsa TD doesn't offer the same performance.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2001