1994 Volvo 460 SE 1.8i from UK and Ireland


A phenomenal piece of engineering for a few pounds!


Flat battery (only because I left the interior light on for 24 hours).

General Comments:

I bought this car for £450, and I have to say it's the best money I have ever spent.

The car is comfy with a high level of goodies (heated seats, electric sunroof, remote locking, electric windows, etc), and the seats are really very comfy.

I was hoping to keep the car for a couple of years before getting a new car, but I am now hoping that I can keep this for as long as possible. I love it!

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Review Date: 16th February, 2010

1994 Volvo 460 SE 1.8i from UK and Ireland


Don't purchase!


An extremely badly-built car, as per its well-known reputation as "Volvo's Lemon Car".

Faults include:

Brake failure

Steering problems

Alarm problems

Central locking problems

Electric window problems

Exhaust problems

... many annoying problems, and I'm sure I've missed-out a few as-well!

General Comments:

Whilst it looked good, and was comfortable, I would strongly NOT recommend this vehicle. Volvos have subsequently, thanks to Ford ownership, improved however. However, it was a very strong car

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Review Date: 16th December, 2005

29th Dec 2006, 05:03

I think you're completely wrong we have had a Volvo 460 for 12 years now and never until yesterday it would not start and we know what is wrong with it. Our Volvo is a very strong car, we even put on a trailer with a motorbike in it 3 months ago, 6 months we towed home a Mazda 2 using our Volvo. It has 146,732 miles on it and it drives like a new pin.

1994 Volvo 460 GLE 2.0 non-turbo 8v from Thailand


I feel secure in this powerfull, yet expensive to maintain car and will keep it as long as it runs


I didn't note the mileage when things happened... but this has happened so far:

Air conditioner failed - needed new compressor.

ABS failed - warning light on. Wires and sensors replaced - lastet few weeks, then warning light again. Didn't bother since, warning light still on.

Engine overheated - Relays for fan exchanged.

Same thing again - two weeks later.

Same AGAIN - four weeks after second time, fixed myself, since working flawless (soldered wires to relays instead of using sockets)

Ignition failed (engine went off, didn't start again) - garage changed multiple parts, since then engine doesn't run as smooth as before, but runs.

Fuel pump failed - exchanged.

Air condition failed again - another new compressor, since then, leaking coolant gas and need to refill every couple of months, engineer says "need a new pipe" but too expensive.

Driving belt replaced - replacement lasted FOUR days! Replaced again. Garage used too much tension - bearring somewhere damaged, since noise from bearring, but yet not changed (expensive!) happened some 6 months ago.

Window-washer tank broke, not yet replaced (part unavailable).

Cooler radiator started leaking - fixed (welded).

Power-steering leaked - replaced a seal, after few days, leaked again even stronger than before - mechanic had over-fastened a bolt. Now had to replace whole unit (EXPENSIVE!!)

Dashboard broken at several places, results in squeaking/rattling. Don't bother - it's an old car by now.

Rear suspension weak - needs new shock absorbers. Not replaced yet.

Starter trouble since early on - replaced rotor and coals, then entire starter unit, then a sensor in the gearbox - still, many times it just won't start. Relay will click, that's it. Have to try multiple times before it will start. Starter relay not available as spare part! Only whole unit with motor (EXPENSIVE!!)

General Comments:

The 460 GLE 2.0 is a very powerful car. Torque is enormous compared with other 2.000 cc cars.

Speed is very good (180 km/h on motorway/2nd stage expressway), at higher speeds very good to handle.

Car seems to be rust-proof - not a trace of rust ANYWHERE on body or under the car, even tough no specific care is taken.

Yet it is extremely thirsty in city traffic - 20 liters per 100 km is "normal". On motorway at constantly around 110 km/h it is around 14 liters/100 km. At constant 90 km/h it is less than 10 liters/100 km.

Very comfortable, spacey car for long distance travel, however air condition is too weak (only "ON" or "OFF", no regulator) for south-east-Asia.

Maintenance and, particular, spare parts are extraordinary expensive in Thailand, since all parts have to be imported from Europe (France, Netherland). The Volvo 460 is not a "real" Volvo, but a Renault with a Volvo body, the mechanic explained. It is terrible to work on.

The elctric system is full of faults and almost everyday something fails - stereo, some light, horn, fan, aircondition, wiper - lots of "worms" in the wires. Mechanics don't bother looking for faults - too many, they say. They rather put new wires in and simply disconnect the old, faulty ones. My car is a patchwork, electrically seen.

However the engine itself runs like a fine swiss watch - I guess it will live for ever. I am not planning to change cars yet.

The Volvo 460 GLE has lost more than 50 % of it's value in the last three years. I bought mine for 300.000 Baht (in 2002), now the price to buy one is 140.000 and I would get, if I sell to a dealer, 110.000 for it. It still looks like showroom condition except the dah which is broken at several places.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2005

3rd Jun 2005, 08:37

Hello again.

Two weeks ago I once again was stuck in the middle of a jungle, sort of, with the car not willing to start, and had to organize a tow. I then replaced the starter finally, the complete unit. And guess what?


I wonder why in the world this starter issue is so sticky, even through a newly built-up starter motor and, now, a brand new set of motor, relay and mechanics. It's definitely not the battery's fault since that is new as well, and even a wire directly from the relay to the battery won't make it start, the relay won't even pull. Can that be a grounding issue? After all, the "plus" of the battery is connected directly to the relay via that wire, so it should at least pull in any case, yet it doesn't. But the unit is bolted onto the gearbox/engine and I suppose that's enough for grounding??

Anyone having similar experience?