1987 Volvo 760 turbo from North America


A money hungry fixer upper


My electrical system has all shorted out.

The window rotors have busted and my windows are stuck down.

My car throws belts every three months.

Interior of the car is torn and ugly.

I have an oil leak that can't be fixed.

The transmission is going bad.

General Comments:

I bought this car with the impression that I was getting the best car in the world. I guess I learned my lesson on this one. The only good thing I can say is that as old as it is, it still runs (kind of).

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Review Date: 7th August, 2004

18th Sep 2004, 16:58

I have a high mileage 760 that runs great. It's all in how the car was maintained. If you bought a beater sorry for your luck. Next time buyer beware and have the car checked out by a competent mechanic before you buy it. Don't buy the car that is used up.

16th Mar 2005, 10:39

You really should have done some research before buying this car. After about 30 minutes of looking at internet articles, I discovered that the 760's from 1976 to 1987 are very unreliable and have a host of inherent problems... everything from electrical issues to premature cam failure. I also discovered that the 760's made from 1988-90 are the most reliable vehicles Volvo has ever manufactured. Also, due to the bad reputation of the earlier models, they can be found at a very reasonable price. Its pretty cool when you own a $42,000 car (msrp in '90) for a couple thousand Canadian dollars.

In short, researching any major purchase properly can save you many headaches and even more money.

30th Jan 2010, 01:02

The last guy does not know what he's talking about. ONLY the V6 had the cam problem. This is a 4 cylinder. They are BULLET PROOF. They did not make 760's from 76-82.

1987 Volvo 760 GLE 6 cil-no turbo from North America


Fell apart on me


First-my distributor died on me, the second week I had the car. After fixing that, I noticed that the transmission stopped going into 4th gear. I took the car in and found out that the electrical system was malfunctioning-$1600 to fix it. Then my lower radiator hose melted while I was driving and all the fluid poured out and the car overheated. After that everything started falling apart. 2 more hoses melted, power steering fluid seals started leaking; its basically totaled. It failed smog by a bunch, and fixing it would cost more than it is worth, so I'm just dumping the car.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2004

21st Jul 2004, 20:34

Well a car with 165,000 miles on it that was made in the 80's. I'd say that's damn good! Plus it was an Automatic!

7th Aug 2004, 06:57

Hi, I also have the same car, but it's an '86, these cars are in fact good, but the both of us are stuck with one problem. Volvo 760's have a B28F engine in them which in fact isn't a Volvo engine at all, it's a Peugeot. That is why the 740 lasts longer than the 760. Mileage should not be that much of a factor, my car only had 195,000 Kilometers and it still broke down. Now if the car is in good enough shape I suggest to look for a 740's engine and replacing it. That is what I'll probably do.

1987 Volvo 760 GLE 2.8 gas 6 cylinder from North America


Super safe near luxury highway cruiser


Fuel pressure regulator failed.

Power driver's seat no longer reclines.

Nivomatic struts/shocks had to be replaced with aftermarket units.

OE rear springs not compatible with aftermarket shocks, Nivomatic shocks are self levelling.

New rear springs.

Rear light clusters have troublesome connectors for the lamps, but easily rectified.

Trunk lid shocks had to be replaced.

Alternator once.

Battery twice.

Harness in behind alternator was badly corroded, replaced it.

Sunroof pops up, but doesn't slide back-wards.

A/C failed in 1994.

Rear bumper mounts corroded and only the bumper cover was holding it to the car. Seems to be a common problem, steel against aluminum, otherwise the bumper had no corrosion.

Driver's heated seat no longer heats.

OE stereo doesn't work anymore, not a big deal, just get an aftermarket.

General Comments:

Really comfortable seats.

The car does handle quite well for a large car.

6 cylinder engine is quite reliable and makes decent power.

Still has original rad, starter, ball joints, diff is solid.

Super safe car, no air bags, but built well.

No rust! This car is driven in a salty area during winters, and the original paint and body are all keeping up very well.

Very quiet interior with good tires (Michelin MX1s).

Interior trim is fragile, but has been holding up well.

Leather is top quality, seats have very little wear, still comfortable and not sagging.

Large trunk.

The body styling isn't gorgeous, but the 760 GLE has a lot of chrome trim that looks sharp, classy, looks great in black.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2003