1989 Volvo 760 TI 2.7L turbo from North America


Unexpected fast car for a 4 cylinder tank


. Stereo needed a 4 digit security code. Dealership provided me with this code over the phone with no other information except the VIN number.

Stereo amplifier cuts in and out making a horrible Bass/No Bass sound.

A truck kicked a rock up into my headlight. $400 to replace. (luckily I found one in a junk yard for only $50)

One side of the passenger seat stopped working so only one side goes up and down.

The driver window is semi-off the hanger and doesn't close right.

A/C is fully charged and never worked.

The cruise control never worked.

Interior plastic parts tend to break easy.

Turbo stopped working around 150,000 miles.

Thermostat went out at 180,000 miles causing the car to overheat rapidly and not only blow my head gasket, but crack my head. Estimated repair cost ($4000) I only paid $2000 for the car when I bought it.

Unless your mechanic is specialized in Volvo they tend to laugh at you when something goes wrong and tell you they can't work on it.

Other than that the car had no problems for the 71,000 miles I put on it in two years.

General Comments:

Fast car for a heavy beast.

Bad gas mileage, but better than I would expect.

Ran great for the time I had it until the thermostat went out.

I've had the car to the max at 120 miles per hour. I was going faster, but that is as high at the speedometer goes.

I installed a CD player which was a pain. The under dash amp (which was dead) was inaccessible so I had to run wire from all 6 speakers to the head unit. I also installed a 700 watt amp with two 12 inch subs which turned heads coming from an unexpected Volvo.

Not bad for a soccer mom car.

I would not recommend this car for anyone with a budget. The car has very little mechanical problems. But when they do it is very expensive to repair.

If you have to money to upkeep it better than I did it will run at least 300,000 miles no problem.

Very safe car.

Built like a tank!

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Review Date: 24th March, 2005

1989 Volvo 760 GLE B280 2.8L V6 from North America


The 89/90 760 GLE is the most reliable car volvo has ever manufactured


When I bought the car, it was leaking oil from the front gasket. This is very common for this model at high mileage. It was about $500 to fix.

Otherwise perfect so far.

General Comments:

This car is seriously luxurious. Leather, moon roof, heated seats, aftermarket CD/MP3 player with amps, crossovers, subs etc.

For $2000 Canadian dollars I doubt I could have found a better deal on such a quality car.

A bit of a pig on gas, but worth it for the stylish ride!

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Review Date: 16th March, 2005

7th Feb 2006, 18:26

After one more year it is still running stronger than ever. 303,000 kilometers (just over 180,000 miles). What a great engine. Too bad about the economy though, a real gas guzzler!

1989 Volvo 760 GLE Estate 2.8 from UK and Ireland


This brick flies!!


Whats gone wrong? Not a lot!

Normal routine servicing plugs, filters oil etc + the following:

1 full exhaust system on purchase (92,000 miles) Stainless steel from manifold back.

Changed all shocks at 150,000.

Changed all rubber bushes on suspension front and rear at the same time as shocks.

Changed front disks, calipers and all pads. at 150,000.

The odd relay, normal wear & tear.

General Comments:

Drive on average 20 to 30,000 miles per year, regular commute 60 miles, it goes great! get there as fresh as when you started.

Great load lugger, had 20 full concrete paving slabs in the back once, didn't notice the weight driving, just wore the mud flaps down a bit scraping on the road!!! and still didn't bottom out the suspension.

Tows like a dream, never any problems.

Loads of space for the kids in the back and the dog gets lost in the luggage area!

Leather seats just about worn in now, now signs of cracking or loose stitching, roof lining good as well.

Great round town, never had any problems in tight areas (Devon villages!) and it's so easy to park with the tight turning circle.

Bit heavy on fuel, 20 to 26 round town, but 36 to 40 on a run cruising, will cruise all day 80 to 90 no problems with more to give! This is one quick brick!!

This is the fourth Volvo we have had, still got 3 of them! 440 turbo at 120K miles, 740 GL at 280K miles.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2004

4th May 2005, 11:55

20 to 26 round town, but 36 to 40 on a run cruising.


Are you sure his isn't a diesel??

13th May 2006, 14:47

You must drive like a fairy getting mpg like this dream on Volvo boy.

24th Sep 2006, 14:59

Al-thou I'm not very familiar with this car in particular , the difference in the fuel mileage-could relate to the reviewer being from England where a gallon of fuel is larger (imperial gallon) --more mp-gs.

11th Feb 2008, 14:00

I am from England too. I would expect 16-18 mpg round town and 26-28 mpg on a run!