1989 Volvo 760 GLE 2.8L V6 from Sweden


One of the greatest cars ever!


Water pump broke down at 330000km, fixed at Volvo for around $200.

AC has needed a refill since 1996.

Rear left coil spring broken; runs fine, although it has a slight list to the left...

Speedometer is a bit "glitchy". Especially when cold. Temporarily fixed by a firm hand to the dash.

Fuel gauge dead.

It consumes light bulbs at an alarming rate.

General Comments:

This is a car that'll get you from A to B come hell or high water, provided you stop at C to fill up on gas.

All in all, it's a very, very comfortable car, very much comparable to newer cars. It's surprisingly quiet, even at high speeds, and the automatic transmission shifts like a dream. The leather seats are superb, and it's got a great heater for those cold winter mornings.

The 2.8L V6, while thirsty, provides a good amount of power for a car of its size, and the turning circle is divine, making it very easy to tug around in the city.

The paint is getting a bit flaky, but still no rust anywhere, and at this point I swear I've changed every light bulb at least twice.

All things considered, this is probably one of the best cars ever made, and I have to applaud Volvo for making a good, sound, reliable and comfortable car, that's never left me stranded. Ever. I love my 760!

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Review Date: 8th May, 2011

29th Jan 2012, 11:14

I agree totally. I have driven two (one in summer, one in winter) for 10 years now, plus have three in reserve in the garage, so I'm safe for decades...

J.Schr. / Munich.

1989 Volvo 760 from North America


Built like a tank, will never die


Solenoid on the tranny died.

Tranny died after the solenoid died; replaced with a rebuilt unit.

O-ring on gas tank replaced.

Muffler and parts of exhaust system rusted out.

Wheel bearing replaced.

Sunroof, power seats, and antenna no longer function.

Gas gauge is wonky, need to bang the dashboard sometimes for it to work.

Control for blower direction no longer functions, just blows up.

Leaks oil like crazy.

General Comments:

Despite all of the above, this car just refuses to die. We've had it now for over 3 years, and although there have been some obvious repairs to keep it running, nothing has been crazy expensive, and it has been spread out over the time we've owned it.

The electrical stuff is an inconvenience, but it really doesn't affect the general use of the vehicle. Makes a great second car, and even though it is an 89, there is hardly any rust on the body. I find it hilarious the amount of compliments and interest I get from total strangers.

My only real complaint is the oil; I need to usually top it up a couple times between changes. The guy at the repair shop said that it is leaking in so many places that the labour alone to find and fix them all would be more than the car is worth. So I just keep toppin' her up with el cheapo oil from cdn tire and it has never failed me. Check out the mileage, that is kilometers; I think I've got many years left to go.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2010

1989 Volvo 760 2.8 from Finland


Comfort, class and style if you can afford the fuel!


A couple of things:

Gearbox leak - fixed for 150 euros by replacing a rubber seal.

New ignition - 200 euros.

Rear electric windows didn't work - 85 euros.

The previous owner took care of almost everything else in the year before I bought the car. The list includes:

New shock absorbers and springs

New brake discs and pads

New radiator

New exhaust

All belts

Many hoses

The parts and labour totaled close to 4000 euros, so I think I got a bargain when I bought the car for 2000. But hey, what do you expect, the car is 20 years old with almost 400,000 kilometers on the clock!

General Comments:

This is a relatively quick, very comfortable and solid car. Washed and polished, it equals my friend's brand new Range Rover Sport for looks and has the same goodies ie. leather, electric windows, automatic transmission and cruise! OK, his air con works and mine doesn't, but then I paid 2000 euros and he paid 60,000!

Despite its age and kilometers, it has a lot of life left and I'm sure, if I can continue to afford the fuel, it will give many years trouble free and reliable service. I'll probably still be driving it long after my wife's Renault is in its grave!

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Review Date: 19th February, 2009