24th May 2005, 08:58

I couldn't agree more with your review of this car! I also own one of the last 760 GLE's (1989/90) and it is superb. The gas and parts are a little expensive for sure, but worth it for the stylish and reliable ride. Be sure to re-do the front gasket at 180,000 miles at the latest... they ALWAYS fail on these models (a design flaw). The timing chains (there are two complete systems) will last up to 300,000 miles, but to be safe, change them a little earlier.

Some of my lights are also a out, but I will change them eventually. Apart from these issues this car is amazing indeed. A bargain as well! (They can be found for a couple thousand in great condition). Try and find one of you can!!

15th Jun 2005, 16:21

I own a 760 GLE from 1990. Somewhat expensive to have, because of the fuel prices in Holland (EUR 1,30 per liter, and the car uses 12 or 13 liter/60 miles) but the driving is GREAT.

Mileage by purchase - 170.000 kms

Actual mileage - 278.000 kms.

26th Jun 2009, 22:57

This is a wonderful car.

I just also picked up a 1998 Subaru Legacy Wagon and then I realized that the turbo on the 760 is also a safety feature. When you are passing a car on the highway it is nice to know that you can keep going faster and get things taken care of in short order, rather than hanging your butt out there with an underpowered 4-cylinder non-turbo engine.

My sister and I drive major miles everyday commuting to work. The Volvo will be our fair-weather driver for most of the year, and works OK with snow tires, but the combination of turbo and RWD scares me for some of the conditions we go through in winter, so on most days during the winter the Subaru will be our main car.

This is a great car, and everytime I drive it it makes me smile. It's comfortable and fun to drive, and safe, and well-built, so what more could you ask?

Actually, one could ask for one more thing. The AM/FM cassette display occasionally conks out and the multi-button interface on the 760's sound system is very frustrating without the display. It's like radio station roulette.

Fortunately, I mostly use the sound system with a cassette adapter and my iPod, so it's not that much of a problem.

Otherwise, great car.

17th Jun 2010, 22:50

Ladies and Gents, I purchased a 1988 760 GLE for $3000 Aussie, and it is certainly a nice car to drive.

If the engine blows smoke and starts to overheat, then check the water pump.

My car is trouble free, except for some small rust spots forming around the sunroof area.

Before I bought my car, the value new was $81 000, so I believe that good equipment was put in when the car rolled out of the factory.

If you service every 6 months, check under the hood every week, then these cars should last a lifetime.

Happy driving. Queensland Australia.