1990 Volvo 760 GLE 2.8 Ltr. V6 from North America


A superior product that represents automotive engineering at its best


Engine oil light illuminates whenever the rpm drops below 1000.

Cause: Bad oil sensor.

Resolution: I had to order the replacement from Sweden, and it took a week for delivery.

Regarding the power passenger seat; The forward/back control switch activates in the forward position whenever a passenger sits in the seat. Humorous, but it can become very annoying at times. Especially if the passenger is a tall person.

Solution: Replace the entire power seat switch assembly. Under the power seat switch assembly are two screws that secure it down into the cosmetic casing. After these screws are removed you'll need to pull up the front seat and disconnect all the wiring harnesses.

Reverse process to put in a new or working assembly. Note: There is a thin bar that attaches the run of the front seat at the base. Be careful not to damage this bar when removing. It took me more time to correct my mistake than it did the whole job.

I've had to replace all the little lights throughout the dash and console area. Some are soldered into their holder and become a tedious task to replace. Melting plastic and solder to replace them takes a firm hand, good eyes, and a lot of patience (like threading a needle). Note: make sure that the replacement bulbs have long wire extensions so they'll reach the connectors of the bulb holder. I had to cut the wires off the old bulbs and solder them to the new bulbs to obtain the reach I needed. Not fun. Furthermore, I had to melt some of the plastic on the wee little bulb holder to feed the wire through the holder to the connector.

The prism type of light channels for the dash and console were very brittle, and some were cracked and falling apart where the bulbs actually mounted. This issue caused problems with remounting the bulbs (since the mounting area was literally cracked-up into splinters).

Solution: Improvised with Teflon tape and a heat resistant liquid silicone. Rap the holder a few times leaving a few inches of extra tape, add a little silicone around the rap (not to let anything touch the bulbs), then insert the holder into the tube as securely as possible followed by raping the excess tape around the tube. Let it all set to dry before proceeding any further, checking to ensure the holder is firmly mounted in the tube before reassembly.

General Comments:

The engine is one of the best V-6's I've ever owned. It provides plenty of torque for the heavy body it supports, and runs very smooth throughout all power bands.

It loves its gasoline. I'm averaging 15mpg. I would like to see 21mpg some day.

Excellent turning radius. The best I've ever experienced for a car of its size. One of the finer attributes.

The 760GLE body will never go out of style, and will last for as many years as you desire to maintain it, or until you can no longer get parts for it. And that could be a very long, long, long time. You could count on adding it to your will... if you're a devoted Volvo atavist.

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Review Date: 16th May, 2005

16th May 2005, 20:01

I believe that the 760 is a great car as long as it is not the four cylinder turbo. We owned one for a year and had nothing, but problems. However I did own a 240 gl (?), and it was one of the best wagons I have ever owned. What a mistake to sell it. What a great car easy to repair, when it needed it. Good luck with the 760.

1990 Volvo 760 GLE V6 2.8 Benzin from Netherlands


I ADORE this car!!


The gear lights in the interior fail to work.

General Comments:

I used to drive a 740 Diesel, but this 760 GLE (built in 1990) is a world of difference and this only in the positive sense!!

The 760 GLE is a subtle car, but in a split second it can turn into a very powerful beast: one can drive this car in a stylish, female way or one can hit the floor and feel as if you're sitting in a testosterone-boosted sports car! No matter, if at high or low rounds per minute, the V6-engine makes a back-spine-chilling sound. Even when you're driving slowly, the automatic transmission works in such a way that it makes you feel that the engine is very powerful. This gives you a tremendous feeling of strength and male satisfaction!

Although it's a very big car the handling is amazingly easy and thanks to the very small turning circle parking is very comfortable, even in small parking places like underground garages or in narrow streets.

The interior is of such a high quality that even luxurious modern cars, like BMW and Mercedes, have a hard time tipping it. The door styles are covered in velvet and not in some plain plastic!!!

Disadvantage is the mileage: 11-16l per 100km depending on driving style, but you get a lot of luxury and curious looks of overtaken drivers for it!!

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Review Date: 6th January, 2005