25th Nov 2010, 23:54

I have been driving my 1988 760 GLE for approximately 2 years, and this car has been no less than amazing. The car handles like a dream, starts first time every time, all electrics work except for the odd fuse replacement, no oil leaks with a silky smooth auto transmission shift.

What amazes me is that the paint job still looks new, and the interior is close to perfect. For a car that's 22 years old, I see no need to upgrade as I would be selling someone a brilliant motor.

I live in Australia, and for the price could have bought a Ford Falcon or this car. I am glad I picked the Volvo.

The complaint is the fuel consumption, but hey it's worth it, and I did not spend $81 000 when they were new.

If you get a good one, don't let it go as it will just keep going.

Luke J.

20th Jan 2011, 16:48

I saw a Volvo 760 GLE estate (for sale) yesterday and been looking at almost every comments and opinions on the internet.

You know what? I can't wait till tomorrow. I'll be at the dealer's door first thing in the morning. I don't care if he doesn't come down on price, I'll ask for the keys and papers and won't let him say anything at all about the car.

I haven't seen a negative comment yet and that tells the story.

Thank you.


19th Jun 2011, 22:42

Sounds like Luke (above) and I got the last two great Volvo 760 GLEs left in Australia.

I bought mine a few weeks ago. 116k on the clock, everything works, it is silent and deadly, starts every time and has always been garaged.

It presents brand new, the chrome gleams, the paintwork is unmarked, the car cruises like a dream BUT having never driven a Volvo six before and after many fours (several 240s and a 940) I am having difficulty sticking to the ludicrous speed limits around Melbourne. The engine naturally wants the car to sit on 120ks on the freeway. Cruise control is not always practical around town. Any suggestions apart from glancing at the odometer every few seconds?