1995 Volvo 850 Turbo 2.3 Liter turbo-Charged 222HP from North America


This car is horrible


Got the car 8-20-02

3-6-03 @ 45,000 miles: Check engine light, belt squeal

4-13-04 @ 59,000 miles: burning smell with heat (Volvo had a recall), check engine light continue to run

8-5-05 @73,000 miles: left ball joints, right front sway bar, and bar link, gear shift arrow blinking (won't go out of first gear)

10-20-05 @75000 miles: hard start, needed new battery

2-27-06 @79,126 miles: all new brakes, pads, and rotors, left strut mounts, right ball joints, right lower control arm

6-22-06 @82000 miles: low idle, tail pipe extension, turbo waste gate solenoid

7-10-06 @83000 miles: hard transmission shifting= gear position switch

1-8-07 @ 88,000 miles: coolant leak, milky oil, oil leak.

Now for the little annoying faulty items: transmission shifter light is out, moonroof light is out, gas gauge intermittently works, dash board creaks with the SLIGHTEST bump or dip in the road, the moonroof leaks, back righ door has no spring, hood paint is peeling, check engine light is still on, and there is more, but don't have the patience to list them all.

General Comments:

All of the repairs listed above totalled around $2,300! That is in about 4 years and 52,000 miles! I would never buy this car again! The repairs are too much. The only thing that is OK with this car is possibly the power from the turbo, even though the turbo solenoid blew from very light use. It doesn't handle well in the snow even with FWD, winter mode, and traction control.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2007

9th Jan 2007, 02:17

Every vehicle is going to need new brakes, a battery & an exhaust system now & then. These really are wear & tear items, as opposed to faulty equipment.

9th Jan 2007, 06:25

Buy a ford and find out what expensive maintenance is. Most of that stuff is just basic maintenance on an older car. $2300 over four years and 50000 miles is just not that bad. Mind you an 850? What style is there?

1995 Volvo 850 GL 2.5 gasoline, not turbo from Paraguay


Good and strong like a 300d W123 Mercedes


Suspensions problems at 55.000kms.

An odd noise that came from the front axle and the dealer can solve.

Air cooling system broken at 50000kms, repair cost 500US dollars.

Inside roof lining became loose, yes really it fell over my head, solution = new one, cost 150 US dollars.

ABS light warning does not go off when should be off, solution: open your hood and plug and unplug the sensor that goes inside the brake system, it really works!! Cost= zero dollars.

The automatic gear knob cover broke in 3 pieces whit 50000kms solution : new one cost: 100$

General Comments:

The car is good and strong, it is safe and for its kind, fast. Does not consume that much gasoline, but the repair parts are expensive.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2006

1995 Volvo 850 T5 2.3 turbocharged from Israel


Strong, very strong... and so comfortable for any use


Gearbox is dying, reverse noisily slips.

Front side, back reverse left and two spoiler lamps failed.

Trip odometer failed.

ABS system failed.

General Comments:

Well, I've begun driving several months ago (LoL that's legally..). But I have a long-term relationship with this lovely T5.

This car is one of the cars I love most. It really is great, it is equipped with featured rarely do you find in cars in its category those years, mid-90s (Also remember that the Volvo 850 was the first car in the history to be equipped with SIPS - side airbag protection system). It perfectly fits for family use, even when several people drive it regularly, maybe the most practical is the 3-memory-slots adjustable driver's seat, and the adjustable steering wheel.

This car is really crazy on kick-downs, so far I've never been beaten up by any of my friends. It really performs great with the T5 engine (226hp, 285Nm). This thing has no problem going 180km/h and still accelerating.

Handling is great, really great. It is so comfortable to drive, and the wide interior makes it even better for family use.

Things I hate about it are only the fuel consumption and the gearbox. Its gearbox is dying, as the mechanic said. Replacing the gearbox would roughly cost $1000, even though it was repaired twice.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2006