1995 Volvo 850 Base Wagon 2.3 turbo gas from North America


The Volvo 850 2.3 turbo wagon is a great, well engineered, safe car


Both front lower ball joints.

Right front outer tie rod ends.

Both front outer CV boots.

Both front sway bar links.

Replaced all brake discs and brake pads.

Heater motor.

Left front flex brake hose failure.

Left rear suspension bushing.

Fuel pump.

Turbo boost flex hose.

Both coolant hoses.

General Comments:

Most of the above repairs were completed by myself at purchase, and the left front outer CV boot at 325,000 km.

The exhaust system, O2 sensors, engine, turbo, wheel bearings, shocks/struts, radiator, transmission, alternator, A/C system, all wiper motors have never been replaced and are original. Exceptional quality and performance.

I get 500 km to 900 km per tank on regular gas, depending on the time of year. I have done most of the repairs myself and have found parts reasonably priced. As normal maintenance, I have replaced the timing belt, tensioner, water pump and serpentine belt at 320,000 km. I also flushed the cooling system at the same time.

The leather heated front seats are extremely comfortable.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2016

1995 Volvo 850 Sedan Turbo 2.3L inline 5 turbocharged from North America


Boxy but good ;)


ABS computer needed replacement when I bought it.

Alternator needed replacement when I bought it.

Plugs, wires, cap and rotor right after I bought it.

Replaced knock sensors, starter and PCV system at 155k.

Replaced many vacuum lines over the course of having the car.

Both CV axles at around 160k.

Odometer gear at 164k (retrieved the actual mileage from the car's computer).

General Comments:

The car was fast. Really fast. Especially after the ECU was remapped to allow more boost. I was getting 0-60 times close to 6 seconds.

The braking and handling performance was phenomenal. The car felt very secure.

Had both front and side impact airbags. Good IIHS frontal moderate offset rating.

I'd buy it again, but a wagon. The only real issue was that parts were expensive, and every screw in the thing was some variant of a Torx bit.

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Review Date: 5th September, 2014

1995 Volvo 850 SE 2.5 N/A petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A safe, comfortable country cruiser


CV joints replaced - didn't notice a split boot, and it ran out of grease.

Transmission fluid replaced to give smoother shifting.

Catalytic converter noisy, due for replacement.

Flat spot on acceleration - cleaned throttle body and it now runs great!

Leather seats neglected by previous owner, slightly cracked and worn, but still great support and comfort.

Dashboard adhesive is coming loose, making the dashpad around the passenger airbag all warped.

General Comments:

I bought this car in October 2010 for $1800 with 190,000kms on it, with full service history.

It is without a doubt the most comfortable car I have ever driven; my housemate says it is "effortless" to drive.

Installed cruise control and the factory CD radio - all plug and play, as well as the digital trip computer option.

The engine needs to be pushed to have a spirited drive, but that comes at the cost of economy, if pushed the economy is woeful. Luckily the car's ease of driving almost encourages you to drive calmly, enjoying it's relaxed, quiet and compliant ride.

At speed and on the twisty roads, the handling is excellent, especially for a front wheel drive estate.

Has one of the best turning circles I have ever experienced, making it really easy.

Volvo spent a lot of time researching the ergonomics of this vehicle and it shows; everything falls easily to hand.

My one negative seems to be typical of every estate vehicle I have ever owned... the tailgate trim rattles, even with the new clips installed to try and rectify this.

Luckily the excellent sound system (8 speaker premium sound) easily drowns this out.

There are some great forums for DIY repair, which has saved me a lot of money by fixing issues myself.

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Review Date: 8th April, 2012

1995 Volvo 850 Turbo from North America


If you can find a manual turbo in good shape, grab it!


In the year that I've owned this car, I've had to do some common repairs. For example:

Radiator; $500.

Flame/oil trap PCV system; $300.

Clutch (original lasted 250,000km); $1000.

Front right control arm; $50.

Before I got it, I can see that the previous owner had completed all the recommended servicing right up to 240,000km, so it feels and runs great.

The recall was done on the fuel tank, and had to replace a window guide. Also the type of glue and plastic they used in the interior has deteriorated; there's a bit of wear. Beside the A/C needing a recharge, everything else works as it should.

General Comments:

I didn't mind putting some money into this car, because it's fun to drive and feels great on the highway. It came to me with full service records, showing that it's received lots of love from its previous owner, so I want to keep this one going.

I've sat in a few other 850 base model automatics, and wasn't really blown away with them, but this particular model is 90% of the 850R, and it's just awesome to be surrounded in comfortable leather and a premium sound system.

When that awesome turbo winds up and you're in 2nd or 3rd gear, watch out! All my friends are stunned at the pick up this luxury ride has.

Considering that you can buy one of these cars for $2000, it's easy to spend more than that on basic maintenance costs, so only consider getting one if you are handy and have a mechanic that knows them.

I get 11.7L/100km or 20mpg (US), and so in Vancouver, BC it costs me about $90 to fill up, and that gets me 500km or so.

Parts are best bought online, or sometimes the parts dept. at the local dealership knocks down the price for me when I show him what's available online.

My brother happens to own a 1993 240, and my parents have had a 1988 740, and now a 2005 S60, so I feel I've really gotten to know Volvo.

This is my first time writing a review. I hope to help out any Volvo fans out there if I can. Cheers.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2011

14th Dec 2011, 07:13

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