1995 Volvo 850 GLT 2.4 non turbo from North America


Nice ride, tranny sucks, interior is nice


Transmission - horrible reputation!

Power steering rack.

Coolant reservoir, plus reservoir hoses and cap.

Front brake caliper leaking.

Brakes plus rotors.

Engine codes.

General Comments:

I purchased the car because of the service records the previous owner provided. Engine is strong and runs good. The car does feel heavy, and if you're looking for performance, buy a Porsche, this is not the car for you!

The cars interior is very nice, with leather everywhere and power everything.

The transmissions on these cars do not last long! Watch out for the dreaded "flashing yellow arrow", this causes your car to go into limp mode, which means that you will lose 1st and 2nd gear. It's expensive to repair if you run into this problem. It's generally your shift solenoids. I found it cheaper to purchase a used tranny, and have had no problems since.

Learn how to work on the car yourself! It will save you tons in the long run. The Volvo shops are overpriced, and the lack of knowledge in these shops does run high, or they are trying to rip you off. The car is fairly easy to work on. All the problems I've listed above, I've repaired myself, except for the tranny swap.

Overall, it's a nice car. The engine will outlast the tranny, so set aside an emergency tranny fund if you buy this car. Better yet, buy the T5, which has a manual transmission. I will keep the car, as it's much cheaper than buying a new car.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2010

29th Jan 2011, 07:57

I'm the original poster, and wanted to give an update: I have finally decided to let the car go. I kept it primarily because of its roominess and its reliable and strong engine. The automatic tranny that I replaced with a used one is also defective. I paid over $1100.00, which includes the purchase of the used tranny with labor.

SO here's the math breakdown:

Car purchased for $1200.00.

Used tranny with labor $1100.00.

Front pads, rotors, and 1 front caliper replacement: $300.00.

Oil change (with drain plug, filter, 5 qts of oil (which I did myself) $50.00.

Have had the car for only 4 months. Total cost = $2,650.00.

Car still needs: power steering rack, heater core, rear brakes w/rotors, and another automatic tranny!

The car is now at a negative, which means I have put more money than I will ever get for it!

Remedy: purchased a 96 850 GLT with MANUAL TRANNY, which has a far better reputation than an automatic. The car has ALL service records to include replacement of: water pump, timing belt, radiator, clutch and tranny replaced 2 years ago, power steering rack replaced last year. I paid $1500.00 for the car, far less than I have invested in the 95 automatic! So far, a good decision on my part, but we will see how the 96 turns out (keeping my fingers crossed!).

Moral of my story: Steer away from the auto tranny in the 95 model. It's junk, and it will cost you lots of money and lots of frustration!!!

1995 Volvo 850 Turbo 2.3 turbo from North America


Fast, reliable, sports sedan with charm


Bought the car at 229,000km.

Had a tune-up almost right away; $300.

At 246,000, had to replace the radiator; $160 for the radiator, $180 for labour.

Recently replaced front ball joints and bearings; $400.

Now I am at 261,000kms with my timing belt due, and water pump/pulleys; all in all, probably a $700 job, but after that, I feel that this vehicle is capable of reaching 400,000.

The cluster part where the kilometres turn just stopped working. Speedo, gas gauge and tachometre are fine.

General Comments:

Spacious, ergonomic door handles, comfortable seats.

The suspension brand new was probably very good, but this is a 14 year old car, what do you expect, and to spend only $2700 cad on it was a good choice!!!

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Review Date: 5th September, 2010