1995 Volvo 850 SE 2.5 10v 5Cyl petrol from UK and Ireland


Nothing !

General Comments:

What's good? - Superb seats, with integrated child seat in the rear armrest. Great handling. Goes round corners, and responds to steering input like you would NEVER believe a Volvo could. Lovely sounding 5cyl engine gives good economy (35mpg at 70 mph) and just enough performance. Good build quality. Quiet, comfortable and very safe, with Side Airbags as standard. Estate version doubles as a removal van, and has great, folding rear head-restraints which mean you don't have to take them off each time you fold the seats down.

What's not so good? - Estate doesn't handle quite as well as the saloon. Volvo image of old made trucks and reps want to pull out in front of me at first. Thankfully, the 850 seems to have managed to change Volvo's dull image somewhat now, with the T5 and the Touring Cars helping too. Or am I just getting better at anticipating other drivers treating me as a "Volvo driver"? Er, that's it!

Overall? - For once, the adverts on TV were not lying. "Drives like it's alive"!

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Review Date: 23rd November, 1997

7th Mar 2001, 13:54


27th Jan 2002, 21:48

Just bought a 1996 - built Sept 850 CD sedan, it has 75000 KM on the clock & it is a beautiful & well handling car. My last car was a Subaru 1993 Liberty, a good car, but the Volvo kills it for performance, space, luxury, and safety. I am looking forward to many happy years of driving. After reading other reviews on this model, I am glad that I bought it with a 3 year or 60000 kms comp warranty :-).



10th Mar 2003, 10:07

Have had an 850 TDI estate P reg 1996 for just over two years now and I've found it simply outstanding in just about all aspects. With a growing family, its size and safety features are a definite bonus, but couple that to the way it sips fuel and you have the recipe for an excellent all rounder!

Handling is superb and at motorway speeds you don't realize it's a diesel. Round town it can be a bit clattery, but what the heck...

I make sure it's serviced by a garage I trust every 10,000 miles, with possibly an oil change for good measure in between, although this is not a requirement. As a result I've experienced no major problems.

It's now done 120k and I'm sure it'll be good for another 120k!

Previous car was a Volvo 240 estate.

Highly recommended!


15th Dec 2007, 17:53

This car is great only had couple weeks a joy to drive.