16th Apr 2005, 00:59

After owning a 1991 740T with 310,000km, I later moved up for some more luxury. I've now got 547,000km (~342,000 miles) on my '95 850T5. It runs as good as new. Some minor problems have included some electrical issues (more annoyances than anything), but nothing major on the mechanical side. If anything, I've spent the most money on brake rotors about every 60-80K. It's never left me stranded and continues to go strong. Amazingly it doesn't rattle or squeak at all. The build quality is superior and is no less than that of M.Benz, BMW and the Japanese high end cars. My Volvo dealer told me that the car has been well cared for and still has years left. It has been serviced religiously according to Volvo's recommended service plan. Volvo's doing something right to build cars that just won't die. I may try and set some records with this thing! You just won't get it until you get one.

13th Feb 2006, 10:00

Value? Ha! What about the gas mileage? In real city conditions, you're lucky to break 16 mpg. And all I do is city driving. With gas prices so high, this is an expensive AND environmentally-unfriendly car to drive. (Ironic to see Volvos with "ecology" stickers on them...)

Brake pads and rotors wear through regularly -- a real weak spot, and expensive over time to replace. Mine seem to need replacing almost once/year.

1st Mar 2006, 20:05

I have had a 1995 850 Turbo wagon with less than 85,000 miles for about 6 months. I'm only the second owner, and have all service records from previous owner who was amazingly meticulous about servicing schedule. I, too, have been very good about going in regularly for check-ups, recommended servicing dates, safety checks, etc. There is no sign of anything unusual in the car's known past. Now, though, when the car hasn't been driven for a couple of days, after starting the engine (no problem), putting gearshift in D (automatic trans, right?), and driving off, the engine starts racing like a mad thing with RPMs alarmingly near 3000! (It doesn't race when idling.) Then "winter driving" light on dash comes on and stays on. Then "check engine" light comes on and stays. (Must stop, turn off engine, let it all rest and start again.) Sometimes several miles roll by with me starting, stopping and driving in the 1st gear of D (very slowly), because it just doesn't want to shift into 2nd by itself. Last time this happened, Volvo mechanic's "diagnostic" tool showed "switch" malfunction (somehow related to gears). Switch was replaced -- nothing changed. I absolutely love my car and would like to know what's up. Don't imagine it could be that a new transmission is necessary at such low mileage and with such good care and maintenance. Has anyone had similar experience that might be helpful to me and my car?

11th Mar 2006, 07:19

Use Google and search for Volvo-forums, those guys can probably help you out.

1st Apr 2010, 17:22

To answer the previous poster's problems:

1) The engine racing issue sounds like it could be a stuck throttle body linkage cable. Open the hood, remove the black plastic cover over the throttle body linkage (only one bolt), and spray some PB Blaster thoroughly over the cable. This used to happen to me after I left the car undriven during the winter months and started driving it again over the summer. Do not leave issue alone, as it could be very dangerous if unattended!

2) The flashing arrow and the reluctance of the transmission to shift out of 1st or 2nd sound likes a classic PNP switch problem. Here's a temporary fix that worked for me, turn the engine off and move the shifter all the way back and forth (from Park to 2) very quickly about 30 times. That "cleans" the contacts and has always worked for me in getting it fixed.

Best of luck!

11th Apr 2010, 10:52

I just got my 1996 Volvo 850 T5 wagon, and just want to say the car is fun to drive, and it is very powerful car. I love to drive it, especially with these turbo cars.

I do agree that the car is very good for safety, and it is good for a family car, and also a sporty car when driving alone.