1991 Volvo 940 Turbo Wagon from North America


Fast, stylish, reliable, and practical... a great car!


Two electrical problems have left me needing a tow; both cost about $400 each to fix.

One was in the shift locking mechanism, and the other was something that regulates the spark in the engine. Pretty obscure.

Otherwise the car has run like a champ.

General Comments:

I did extensive research before buying this model of Volvo. I checked out the 850 wagon as well, which was definitely smaller, lighter, and sportier (and generally less reliable), but it seemed that most folks were saying that the 940 was the last of the truly great, solid, reliable Volvos. This has largely been the case. I love this freaking car! It is a weird combination of tractor and sports wagon, meaning it is heavy and boat like and hauls a ton, yet still somehow taut and flat in the corners, and with the turbo it gets up and goes! It can haul so much in the back (including my 6 foot 6 body laying flat!). The seats are some of the most comfortable I've ever experienced, including Mercedes and Saabs.

Look for one that has been maintained. I searched hard and found one that had been owned by some wealthy folks who religiously took care of it. Everything works, including A/C and cruise control and all of the power windows. The sunroof is really big which is nice. To me, the car looks sharp, boxy sure enough, but definitely it has some character. The leather and paint still, after 23 years, look really good.

Not a day goes by that I don't feel a little bit smug and happy that I was able to buy such a reliable, sporty, practical old car for $2300. As has been said on this forum before, there was a real pride that the folks who made these cars put into them. They were built to last, and they do.

One thing to know is that gas mileage is not great. I average about 20 MPG. It is possible to get 24 MPG on the freeway by driving 55 mph, but I don't often do that. The turbo model is geared for sportiness, not efficiency. The non-turbo 940's get upwards of 28 MPG I'm told.

I've put 18,000 miles on her this year, and am looking forward to many more. A great car for road trips.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2014

30th Apr 2014, 22:16

Who's driving when all 6 foot 6 of you is getting hauled in the back, and why?

1st May 2014, 14:15

He didn't say it was running while he lay along the back. He just used his 6'6" body as a yardstick to show how large the capacity is for hauling.

24th May 2014, 13:14

Ha ha, good question. I hurt my back, and found sitting impossible for a few weeks. The Volvo became my ambulance, and my mother and my wife drove me to my chiropractor appointments. Laying down flat, for me, is a GREAT feature in a car...

1991 Volvo 940 2.3 turbo from Finland


My ocean cruiser <3


Quite a lot. But I don't mind because now I own a Volvo!

General Comments:

I have always loved Volvo's, and since my father started buying them too, I got hooked. When I got my driver's license, I knew I wanted a Volvo. But I got a Mazda from my grandpa. That was before I saw a great looking 940 for sale nearby. In 2 days it was mine.

Anyway, to the car. I love every little detail of it. Looks are one of the best pluses. SO unique, I get a lot of looks from other drivers.

Great seats, as always, the leather has worn quite badly from the front seats, and there are weird marks in the back, but not too bad.

A/C doesn't work, and the fan blows when it wants.

Cruise control doesn't work, will be fixing it later.

Only the co-drivers seat heaters work; will be fixing that for the next winter.

Every other electrical thing works (seats, sunroof, windows etc).

The engine is great too; I love taking off from the traffic lights.

After I bought it, I found out it leaked oil though, but now that's fixed too. Also the backbox leaked quite a lot of oil the other day, but the dealer said that's normal?

The autobox works smooth if I drive smooth, but sometimes it's quite harsh. Good anyway.

Electrical problems are annoying though. Sometimes the overdrive light comes on and every other light dims considerably. The alarm blinkers sometimes start by themselves when driving (this has only happened 4 times).

Brakes are worn out, rumbles quite a bit. But they still stop if you want to. To prove that, we were driving 90 km/h when a road suddenly ended, turned into slippery gravel (navigator guided us :D) and there was a downhill on top of everything. I was sure we would crash into the woods ahead, but suddenly we had stopped. We were like OMG, that was fast ON GRAVEL ESPECIALLY. Thanks ABS.

Also the other day the car wouldn't start at all, battery had drained out, no idea why. I took it to be serviced and they couldn't find a fault (except the alternator belt they had changed a while ago was loose, and battery leads were a bit dirty).

The car had been standing for 6 months or something, so some of the problems can be related to that, and also I think the previous owner didn't care to service it. Now I've done every thing I can do, I can just hope nothing explodes, (changed oils, filters, plugs).

It's an U.S. import BTW, and it has really bad lights because some idiot has changed them into the sort that are really hard to find from Finland. (sorry for the messed-up review, I was too tired to make it clearer)

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Review Date: 26th June, 2010