940 Turbo Wagon 2.3

Safe, comfortable, reliable

204 words, North America

940 Turbo Plus

Best car in the world!

113 words, Sweden, 2 comments

940 GL 2.2L non-turbo

149 words, North America

940 Wagon turbo

A high maintenance, low fuel economy, unreliable vehicle

114 words, North America

940 GLE 2.3 petrol

Good, solid, easy to maintain car, purchased for A$4000, which I believe makes it good value

149 words, Australia and New Zealand, 2 comments


Very Reliable

136 words, North America

940 S Wagon B230F

A semi-reliable, slow, uncomfortable, and hopefully safe car

501 words, North America, 10 comments

940 GLE Turbo 2 Litre turbo

Brilliant. Long may it last. Best car ever

43 words, UK and Ireland

940 SE 2.0 turbo

A fantastic car!

96 words, UK and Ireland

940 S 2.3 liter

Excellent, reliable, and unbelievably comfortable

122 words, North America

940 Turbo 2.3L turbo

Very nice roomy interior well thought out

165 words, North America, 11 comments


Tough as a nail, soft as a couch

41 words, North America, 1 comment