27th Nov 2006, 22:22

I am looking at a '94 Volvo 940. Its not a turbo, is that good or bad? It also has about 240,000 miles on it. But the engine has been rebuilt. I don't know a lot about these cars, just that I would love to have one. Any advice about this car?

5th Dec 2007, 11:18

I'm 18 and live in England, I drive a 92' Volvo 940 2.0 saloon- non turbo, Manual. It has an LPG gas conversion and is the best car that I've ever owned, nothing has ever gone wrong with it- although it has done 170k miles! the only thing I will soon need to replace is the original clutch which probably has around six months use left on it. My independent Volvo mechanic says these were the last of the properly over engineered rear wheel drive Volvo's, he has a customer with a 940 which has covered over 450k miles on the same engine and gearbox! Amazing! The ride is very smooth and quite and although a little slow to 60, it will cruise all day at 80. Buy one- but look after it, like any car regular servicing with quality oil and parts is the key to its life.

1st Jan 2008, 10:13

We just purchased a 1994 Volvo 940 sedan (non turbo) right before Christmas, with a little over 164K on the clock for my husbands daily commute. He's driving over 100 miles ONE way, EVERY day. I got it from a Volvo dealer and managed to work a great deal (so I think), as we paid only $2100. for it (+ dealer costs, of course) but the dealer also is throwing in a brand new FULL size spare tire AND wheel and getting the windshield replaced (it came with a ventilation hole...) The interior is pretty good condition, but the radio is not great. It was originally advertised for $3495 plus dealer costs so all in all not a half bad deal I don't think. I paid $39 to have a Volvo ONLY mechanic check it out from stem to stern and there's a few little things that need to be done, but he said we should be good till mid to late January (even knowing the miles it will be racking up) before we have to start any of the repairs.

We'll keep you updated as to it's life quality since he will be killing it quickly, unfortunately.

13th Mar 2008, 21:58

So. Ca. We bought our 1995 Non-Turbo 940 Volvo Sedan new, and it now has approx. 250,000 miles on it, mostly freeway. We just replaced the water pump, radiator, some rusted bolts, and a blown head gasket. It has been 3 years (2005) since we had any major repairs, so the $1,500 we just laid out hurts, but was not unexpected. "Vixen" is getting on in years, with lots of mileage.

"Vixen" has been the best car we've ever owned. She's dependable, roomy, and has been cost effective to own. Her turning radius is amazing! My husband offered me a BMW a while ago (I said no). I wasn't parting with "Vixen". She's been a wise decision. Oh, and the trunk is huge.

17th Apr 2008, 20:24

I have owned a 1994 Volvo 940 since October 1996. I have over 350,000 miles on the car and I love it. I have had to do some work on it, but until my maintenance averages $300 per month, I figure I'm better off repairing this car than buying a new one. A decent used car is over $20,000. This car has been paid off for 8 years!

My family and friends don't understand why I won't get a new car, but I honestly cannot find another car that gets the gas mileage I get (at least 25 miles per gallon) and looks as classy as this car. I admit that it's beginning to look a little worn, but I'm just going to get a new paint job and floor mats and keep on driving. I really believe I will make the million mile club!

This is the best car ever built.

27th Nov 2008, 20:58

Living in the states can anybody comment on the cost to service this car? Does it have to go to a specific volvo repair shop or can anybody perform the work?

3rd Jan 2009, 23:07

A great car that is a cinch to work on if you are mechanically inclined. Find a good independent Volvo shop for things you can't do yourself for a decent price. The only negative of this car is that the AC systems are fragile and usually no longer working. If you are lucky enough to find a 940 with working AC (like me)... prepare for it to fail at some point in the near future (like me). Very costly to repair- about $1200. Otherwise a rock solid and safe car. The turbo version will give you plenty of acceleration and passing power and make the car much more fun to drive. However, you will pay for it in fuel cost and mileage. Turbos should really use premium 93 gas and a nicely tuned 940 will get you 19-24 mpg whereas a non-turbo will get you 24-29 using normal 87 octane. A big difference for your wallet. Personally I have owned both and would rather spend less money on gas.

7th Mar 2009, 13:22

My 1988 740 is at the point where it is needs quite a bit of work. It is just time to look for something newer.

I am going to look at a 1994 non turbo automatic 940 sedan tomorrow. It has about 200,000 miles on it, had the timing belt changed 20,000 miles ago, replaced the intake manifold, coil, and fuel pump, and replaced the front struts. It came from Florida, priced at $1850. I think that sounds like a decent deal, if it is in as good shape as is being stated.

The last 2 cars I have driven have been wagons and turbos. Any comments out there about changing from turbos to non turbos, and changing from wagons to sedans?

Anybody out there with a 940 wagon for sale? I think I'd be more inclined to do without the turbo if this was a wagon or a standard transmission.

Sound advice considered and appreciated.


13th Mar 2009, 12:24

I have a 1994 940, only owned by my husband and me. It has been solidly serviced and carefully driven. It has 245,000 miles. My husband and I thinking it might be time to abandon it and get something like a Prius.

Any advice? I do love the car.

29th Aug 2009, 11:16

We bought our '94 model 940 Turbo in 2000 with 150,000 miles. It was used at the famous King Ranch as a fleet car. I guess you would need something dependable to get around one million acres! We now have 202,000 miles and replaced the tranny at 190,000 miles and the radiator at 195,000. Total repairs came to 2500 bucks. Black on black, sunroof, leather, heated seats.

I only wish the AC would blow colder. No way am I getting rid of this car. Aficionados of Volvos have told me this is the last real Volvo. After '94 Ford took over production and the line suffered. I had it repainted in '03 and it is mistaken for a Mercedes. The fog lights are starting to yellow from the sun and I will replace them next month. Huge trunk and ski opening allow me to place 8' board in the trunk and rest near the gear shift. Clever, those Swedes. Best car I ever owned, and I've had 26.

25th May 2010, 02:07

Most Volvo ECM computers fail. I have an S80 and the ECM was burned, so I purchased a new one for 385.00 from this company in MI.


The ECM is still working fine.

25th May 2010, 08:52

Hi, I have a 93 940 Wentworth with 185 thousand on it. I have just rebuilt the top end, new head gasket etc. On connecting the battery, the ABS light stays on, but no problem with the brakes. Does anyone know of a remedy? A relay perhaps?


4th Aug 2012, 15:09

Here is a site that deals with Volvo ECM engine computers:


They have a lot of information on their site about ECM locations and removal instructions.

23rd Mar 2014, 15:27

I have a Volvo 940 1994 bought six months ago to replace an 850 with transmission problems. I am a Volvo fanatic. It is so comfortable and roomy, and has enough room for 3 children in the back with the advantage of the mid inbuilt child seat.

The turning circle is fantastic. I think a station wagon may be useful as well, but this car is too good to lose. I am advised the 940 is the last of the reliable old Volvos. It looks great too.

If you are thinking of buying one, go ahead I advise.

6th Jan 2019, 15:40

I agree with you about the auto transmission. Never had an issue.