26th Jul 2001, 22:27

I have owned a 1991 940 GLE since 1994 and have enjoyed the car greatly. Until this week when the balancing shaft pulley broke (right side of motor, connected to timing belt) and I took it to my friendly independent Volvo repair shop and he told me it would cost $2800 USD to have it repaired. That is about half of the car's current value. So, this is a warning to 16V owners: replace the balancing shaft pulleys when you do a timing belt replacement and it will save you a great deal of grief later on. The part was about $50 USD. I hope that I can remove the head myself and replace the bent valves and get this jewel back on the road.

1991 940 GLE 120000 miles

New (used) FI computer about a year ago, $500.

Expensive to keep on the road, should have bought a turbo!


29th Aug 2001, 12:48

I have a 1991 940 GLE with 139,000. My high school age daughter drives it and it is safe transportation. The car has been in our family for about 40,000 miles and has had no mechanical problems at all. However, we are meticulous about maintenance because our Volvo mechanic has advised us that skimping could prove very costly.

Great car if taken care of properly.

11th Sep 2001, 05:41

I drive a Volvo 940 Polar Estate 2.3 LPT from 1998. It's a great car for excellent driving and a lot of space. Maintenance is expensive, but you drive a Volvo and that is always expensive, but you enjoy every penny you spend on it.

PS, Holland.

25th Sep 2001, 00:28

My partner has a 940... keeps stalling... our Volvo mechanic is stumped... we replaced the warm-up regulator for $1000... still stalls... now there is a problem with the ignition computer... another $500... the list goes on... wish she'd bought a Toyota...

26th Jan 2002, 11:14

I test drove a 2.0 litre 740 SE auto, it had no guts in it at all. On the same day I also test drove a 940 SE 2.0 litre auto, this was a little better on performance. I know it's a heavy car, but my 2.0i auto Granada is very quick! The Granada has more room and just as many (if not more) extras. Sorry Volvo owners!

19th Mar 2003, 07:37


I have a 91SE turbo estate. I am having a number of problems. I will list these, and would be grateful for any experience based advice.

Intermittent cutting out...this is during travel... total loss of power, all warning lights, snap on.

Won't hold charge... new alternator and battery.

Could the above be due to electronics perhaps...?

If I fail to start first time, it seems to flood... and won't start for some time.

Help! billbray91@hotmail.com.

25th Oct 2004, 09:49

I have a 1191 Volvo 940. It has been a good car, but have had many "weird" mechanical problems. For anyone with stalling or hesitation problems with engine, here are some remedies I have found. If you are driving and the engine just shuts off, and you have to restart or wait and then restart the engine... your problem is more than likely a bad RPM meter cable. It sits in the back of the engine toward the bottom and is almost impossible to see. It becomes hot and cracked over time and needs to be replaced. If it stalls, it could be a bad fuel relay. To check it, locate it with your fuses... it is a big white rectangular relay in the fuse box area in your dash console. If it is hot... then it has gone bad. Costs about $50 USD to replace the part and pop it in yourself. The RPM cable (not correct name, but parts person knows it), costs about $90 USD, and you need a mechanic to replace it. No problems with oxygen sensors or any other sensors. I have 218,000 miles on my 1991 that I bought used in 1994 with 44,000 miles on it. I have had the heads replaced twice, gas tank once, brakes several times. Warning... Replace timing belts every 50,000 miles... It is expensive repair that will tear up your engine if the belts break. Only let Volvo replace them because the tensioners will mess up your engine if the belts are not properly installed. Avoid aftermarket repair shops that specialize in Volvo. I used to deal with some, and had more problems. When the Volvo dealer works on my car, no problems at all. E-mail me at ejbjkc@yahoo.com if you have any questions about 940 problems.

15th Nov 2005, 03:36

I have a 91 940 GLE that jumped time and bent several valves. The cost to repair the engine was more than I wanted to spend, so I purchased a 91 turbo parts car in running condition and converted the GLE into a turbo modle. All you need to do the job is a whole parts car and some time on your hands to swap all the computers, all the harness foward of the front doors and the engine cradle. One thing I have not worked out is the high RPM's at 70 mph because of 4.10 gear ratio rear end.

8th Feb 2006, 17:51

My Friend has a Volvo Estate in blue an H Reg UK plate it is a 940 GLE 16 valve? Catalyser, Automatic, and petrol. In a previous message it was said to be RARE, what makes this car rare can anyone tell me?

16th Jun 2006, 10:32

Hi from Seattle Washington. Have had a 940 GLE since 1993. Replaced with new engine under warranty at 75k miles. Now car has 160k. Misc. sensors replaced, computer, brakes, etc. Getting ready to do timing/balance/misc. belts. Individual caught my attention when they suggested one doesn't need balance belt. Comments on this appreciated. thanks.

10th May 2007, 06:25

I have owned my Volvo Estate 945 since new in 1996.

It now has 222,000 on the clock.

No major problems. Serviced regularly and apart from tyres bulbs, filters etc. no major expense.

Fantastic car!

6th Oct 2007, 08:16

I have a 1996 Volvo (5 door 940 Series). I got it second hand and never got the manual with it. Recently a light appeared on the dashboard. It is in the shape of a green triangle on an orange background. Can anyone tell me what that means and should I worry about it? Thanks.

11th Oct 2007, 01:57

Own 1993 Volvo gle. Told by Volvo specialist indicator light as on previous comment indicates oxygen sensor needs replacement.

26th Oct 2007, 18:36

The triangle indicator is for the lambda sensor. It could be your air mass intake. More often than not you just need to tighten the sensor plugs.

26th Jan 2010, 15:44

Hi, I own a 1992 Volvo 940 GL. It has now covered a big 308000 miles, still strong. Top car.

15th Jan 2014, 16:22

Just change the fuel pump relay. You can find it behind your fuses, behind the front ash tray. Middle relay on the left hand side. Very common failure due to the solder cracking due to heat.

2nd Mar 2014, 17:45

Hi, I have a 1991 Volvo 940 GLE. A great, great car, until yesterday when my timing belt came loose and most likely bent some valves. I love the car and wonder if it's worth fixing it! A Volvo lover told me to replace engine with a 4 cylinder 8V, because those don't bend valves. Replace the belt, set the timing and drive away! What do you recommend for me? Thanks!

6th Nov 2014, 03:45

We have a 1994 model 940 GLE, and have had problems with the engine just cutting out whilst driving.

We recently changed the power steering belt in it, but have had on the dash (for some time now, oops) an orange background with a green triangle and a high heel shaped symbol in it, on for a while.

Desperately need help with this cutting out problem, as we love our Volvo dearly, but don't know if it's a mechanical or electrical problem...

Thanking all in advance :)

6th Nov 2014, 18:45

Sounds electrical. If you don't have the manual for it, you might want to try Volvo blog websites and ask the members; it might be directly related.

14th Nov 2014, 07:58

Re Cutting out while driving; had this problem with my 93 Volvo 940. Possibly a fuel pump relay, a common problem, solder cracks in the relay. It can be dismantled and fixed, but it's probably easier to just buy a new replacement relay.

3rd May 2015, 06:57

I have a 91 Volvo 940 GL with only 140000 on the clock. When I touch the brake pedal, an orange light like a sun with an exclamation mark comes on and then goes off when my foot is off the pedal. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

3rd May 2015, 13:05

I am not 100% sure, but I think that light means one of your brake lights is not working.

3rd May 2015, 15:55

Re - brake pedal. It's telling you that you have a blown brake light bulb. Hope this helps.