26th Dec 2004, 20:50

Okay...an update... just to let folks know that we are now at Christmas 2004, and we have to replace the exhaust. We can do that ourselves, and can order parts online. Other than that, the car is running fairly well, with still only 145K miles on it! No pinging (big time alert to a valve problem...I'll never forget that sound ever), and interestingly enough, no oil burning either. We haven't had to top off oil in probably a month. Everything else is fine. The leather seats are cracking a bit, but overall, not too bad of a car.

And I know I swore I wouldn't...but we'll probably end up buying an 850 or a 960 during the Summer. I love my husband's 740 Turbo Intercooler (runs like a dream) and want to move up to a Turbo myself. So, GLT, here we come!

1st Mar 2005, 14:11

An update on 3/1/05...my husband didn't repair the exhaust system and then the ignition console went out in the car. Had both things replaced for 740 USD. This car runs super well now, and we're thinking of keeping it as a third car. We're currently looking for a 1997 850 GLT. We've driven some, but so far haven't found any we like. Our NEW local mechanics love the GLT's and recommend them highly. We took the 940 in to a new shop that DIDN'T do the valve job (and mess it up twice) and they were super fast and did an excellent job. We still only have 146K on the car. Again, will keep you posted. I still wish we hadn't gotten the 16 valver, but that's life I suppose.

17th Mar 2005, 07:59

The 16 valve engine is an excellent unit until it starts to go wrong, then its time to dig deep into your wallett! Head gaskets are another weak point.

Never had any trouble with mine, although I've only done around 20,000 miles so far. Its far superior in power and smoothness than the single cam unit.

Tim, U.K.

9th Oct 2005, 11:35

The 88+ 240 series is an outstanding little car, where Volvo finally addressed the problems of the poor rust inhibitors, and bad engine compartment wiring. the only problem they didn't address was the hard to replace interior fan motor which usually takes a good 10shop hours to replace : (

Aside from that you got yourself a plain jane tank that'll last for years very easily!!!

5th Jan 2006, 11:21

Volvo's 16v engines are pretty well made and never gave me problems thou its pretty standard about burnt valves, And about Volvo 850 I know those models before 95' are suffering child-sickness as that the model was born in 92' but that engine is built to last for 280.000 miles so its easy to make a steal buying one.

27th Feb 2006, 15:49

Okay...another update on this post. Is this turning into a blog? Probably. :) ) We have the car in today to the great mechanic's shop we found. Same one as before, but not the original folks who did the valve job. Leaking seals... the dreaded/known problem for the 16 valvers (the other issue being the valve problem). This time, the OD solenoid needed replacing. This requires 30 minutes labor, but the part is about 200USD. So, we're out another 500USD. On another note... my husband's 240 is still very dreamily rolling along. We love that car! We finally went back and forth about another car to buy, and we found a 940SE. We're buying it this week. Can you believe? Another 940. However, this is the B230FT engine that was on my husband's old 740 Turbo, and that engine was sound. So, we feel comfortable with our purchase. I just cannot bring myself to buy an 850. Is it the RWD? Or the larger room with the 900 series car? We're going to keep the GLE for a bit longer, and then we probably will sell it. My mechanic tells me I'm "bonded" with the car. (sigh) I just love Volvos. My husband now wants to find an 85 240T! I feel like a "time warp" family, loving older cars. :))