1995 Volvo 960 Wagon 3 litre 6 cylinder B6304 from North America


This car is a highway cruising dream with trucklike space


Power steering rack failure (replaced by rebuilt 2 years ago. $500 part cost.

Power steering hose ruptured. Replacement built by local hydraulic shop for $45.

Coolant leak at cylinder head gasket - caused by foreign matter between head and gasket from initial manufacture.

Brake caliper guide pins often seized - cleaned and re-lubricated. Caliper pistons seized occasionally. Cleaned and reinstalled.

Original Exhaust system replaced at about 250,000 km.

Parking brake cables seized, linings fell off shoes.

Transmission lever position switch failed around 200,000 km. due to installation in a high heat location beside exhaust pipe. Heat shielding should have been used. Switch disassembled, cleaned and reinstalled.

Ball joints and tie rod ends loose/worn - replaced.

One front wheel bearing noisy - replaced $285 part cost.

Air conditioner condenser and compressor replaced - $300 + $1250.

General Comments:

This is probably the best Volvo built. It has lots of smooth quiet power, precise handling and excellent road holding. This all makes it a great highway cruiser. There is loads of room with rear seat up and far more with it down. It has lots of rear seat legroom.

The driving position is natural and the driver's seat is very comfortable.

But if one had to pay dealer rates for service and repair, deep pockets would be required.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2007

1995 Volvo 960 from North America


1st car that has made me not miss my 164s; that says a lot


Steering rack.

Rear axle.

Stabilizer link bushings.


Headlight wiper motor.

Dash lights.

Sunroof leak.



Auto gearshift assembly.

Door leather separation.


Passenger seat switch assembly.

Numerous other items.

General Comments:

I bought the car after spying it at a used car dealer. I had Volvo check it out before purchasing, and they gave me a long laundry list of items that needed repair, and their comment was that there was no rust, and other than the dealer's disclosure of an accident, the car showed no signs of it.

The dealer felt the car, like many Volvos, was on the fence as to purchasing, as it had not been maintained as it should, resulting in a long list of items needed. The engine and transmission were strong. So much of the work done was neither a surprise, nor a result of my ownership.

When I got it on the road, the suspension was far noisier than my 1995 940, but the dealership kept saying there was nothing wrong with it. A rear axle let go and had to be replaced. They also said the stabilizer link bushings in the front were worn, so I had them replaced. Picked the car up, and the noise is gone, and the car rides and steers better. I suspect they may have done some other things without charging, as I had continually complained to them about it.

Still remaining to be done are the sunroof leak, new less aggressive tires, and an air guide that needs replacement. The car came with wheels that were offset incorrectly and caused rubbing of the tires on the fender wells. Had to locate 4 OEM wheels, which I did at a couple of salvage yards at less cost than new ones from Volvo. Volvo only seems to offer replacement sunroofs and does not supply gaskets. I've located a shop that does repair sunroofs, and they do a good number of Volvo sunroofs. Their experience is it is usually an alignment issue, rather than a gasket or seal.

I've owned the car for just over a year, and did not drive it during the winter. I do not put many kilometers on either Volvo annually so the per kilometer cost has been high, but I'd rather maintain these last rear wheel drive cars than make payments on the newer FWD models that just do not feel like Volvos.

I've been a Volvo owner since about '71, starting with a P1800 and having had 3 164s (my favorite Volvo), 240s, 144s, 760, 264 and several others. I am hoping these 2 last RWD models will get me through the last years of my driving life.

My wife loved her 164, and though she'd like a bit more power, prefers the 940 over the 960, as it seems to suit her disposition better; practical, stable, no nonsense, just reliable and gets the job done. The 960, though a dressed up 940 with a larger engine, feels and handles very differently. Between the 2, I cannot say with certainty which I prefer.

The seats are great, the steering wheel well placed, very comfortable to drive. It is a car that begs you to sit in it, feel the steering wheel, listen to the engine and find an excuse to go somewhere. Last car I had like this was my 164.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2007

14th Mar 2010, 21:08

Been a little time since I wrote this.

Update: After having the car for 5 years, I'm almost there with it. All left to complete the project to make it a #1 driver is the sun roof leak and an emergency brake cable. One shop had it, and was to fix the roof and the leather lift in the door, a problem with the model prior to 1996. They kept the car for a year, messed up the door covers cutting the leather and totally screwing it up. I now need to find 4 replacements. They also did not fix the roof leak.

I set a budget of about $1,500-2,000 per year to bring the car back, so while some of the work could have been done sooner, I've paced it. With the roof and cable, it will bring the car almost back to a point where it should be for its mileage and age as to condition, while now it should be very reliable. Then onto things like updating the radio, paint and things like that.

Would I do it again? Not sure. I'll end up with a car I'll like and feel comfortable driving. It is the cruiser version of our 940 that has been bullet proof, but we so invest about $1,500 per year in its maintenance also. I do think I'd have preferred the wagon in hindsight, just because of my lifestyle or should I say my wife's annual visit to the local nursery, hardware store and the like. The trunk is very large, but my wife loves to see if she can use every square centimeter, and then fill up the back seat.

On the road, the car is really comfortable, and with the electric seat and tilt wheel, I can adjust my position to fit how I want for different driving feelings of the day. It does not have a telescoping wheel, but because of my size, I do not miss it.

Still happy I bought the model.