1995 Volvo 960 24v 2.9 from Australia and New Zealand


Not special enough to be a classic, running costs too high to be daily transport


Replaced at 120,000km service:

- Hydraulic engine mounts failed. ($700)

- Gearbox mount broke. ($70)

- Ignition lock needed replacing. ($200)

At 130,000 km:

- Driver's interior door handle snapped.

- Plastic radiator hose sleeve snapped off, with it the hose, causing the car to dump all coolant. (new radiator required, $700)

At 135,000km:

Alternator drive belt needed replacing, but two pulleys also worn and needed replacing. Only replaced the belt and the worst pulley where the mechanic had a spare available. (Approx $300)

Other faults:

- CD stacker jammed on the day I got the car, replaced with new CD/tuner

- Remote central locking never worked correctly

- Air conditioning dumped water in the passenger foot well due to a blocked drain pipe.

All other money I spent was regular serving/replacement items.

I'm really glad I wasn't the poor sod who owned the car before me who had to replace the self leveling rear shocks at $600 each.

Receipts from 2004-2008 confirm an average of $1000 per year needed to be spent fixing broken parts outside of regular service items.

General Comments:

This was a seriously nice car. When my boss saw it, he thought I would have to be corrupt to afford it on my salary.

This was just the base model and it had all leather interior, heated seats, Alpine split front speakers (from factory). The way it was constructed and finished was gorgeous, it even had velour covering the A, B and C pillar.

The car was in its element on long distance drives. It was quiet, had brilliant front seats and excellent overtaking acceleration. The cruise control was particularly impressive, with user friendly controls and better performance than any other unit I have ever used.

Around town, the turning circle was much smaller than I would expect from this size car. At all times it was a relaxing car to drive.

There were a few niggles that were disappointing for a car that cost so much when it was new:

- The cup holder design was dumb - it fouled the handbrake when used.

- No remote boot/fuel release.

- Intermittent wipers had only one setting, not variable.

Overall the most disappointing thing about this car was the trouble it gave, and the money it cost to put it right. My family has owned Volvo 240s for decades and found them to be bullet proof.

We thought the 960 was the last proper Volvo ever made, but the truth is that Volvo lost its game long before that.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2009

3rd May 2009, 00:15

You should have bought a 240, 740 or 940. They are so much better than the 960/ S90. A Volvo bloke told me years ago to never buy a 6 cylinder Volvo.

Owner of a '90 740, '89 240 and '77 244.

28th Oct 2010, 08:21

How could you spend $700 on engine mounts? Engine mounts are not hydraulic on this model. Part number 3536226 costs $105 USD each X 2 plus shipping. They would take less than one hour to replace both, so under $350 would have been more reasonable. A $700 radiator?? Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but your mechanic has been very profitable on the jobs he did for you. I hope you have found another.

1995 Volvo 960 CD AUTO 3.0 24v from UK and Ireland


A truly fantastic car with unbeatable abilities. Well done Volvo


The rear fuel pump is on it's way out and blew a fuse.

A/c needs a re-charge.

General Comments:

This is a very underrated car. A typical Volvo, while not being a typical Volvo!

The car is great to drive, the chassis is responsive (I believe this is the case with the '94 on facelift 960) and the engine is as sweet as a nut - purrs along, but sound great with your foot to the floor! Above all this is the true Volvo experience - the cabin. The heated seats are sensationally comfortable and the cabin very ergonomic in design, if not particually attractive. the seating position is high and gives a good commanding view all around including the bonnet.

Parking could not be easier with the square rear lines and straight bonnet. I have yet to be in a car with a better turning circle!

You can't mention one of these without mentioning the boot! only last night I managed to get a complete 3 seater sofa in there! amazing.

This is a true Volvo - and great value now. They will run forever. I would not be worried about taking this car anywhere - even with the high miles - and I would feel safe also. Solid as a rock. the body looks good with no rust (good for the British 'rusting' climate!) and I love the looks. Smart, stylish and recognisable.

I would fully recommend one of these cars, I enjoy the all round abilities of this car. There is no competition at this price with this ability.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2007