23rd Nov 2007, 07:05

I bought my meatball 2002 slug S40 from the factory in Sweden as an American spec vehicle... I have been plagued with problem after problem with this car... first 1000 miles the airbag light came on and on and on... then the electric seat froze in my wife's position (I'm six foot, she's 5'4"). Then the turbo went out at 51000 m. Did I tell you the airbag light and check engine lights were on? Hmmm... now, my problems are a broken power antenna and the clock and trip meter auto resetting. After all this, I mistakenly purchased the XC90... the airbag lights are on and it's making a pinging noise from the rear...

I don't know what disappoints me more; the actual car or the rip off artists at the dealership...

Enjoy your yuppy icons as I am offloading these clunkers and buying a beamer or something American.

28th Nov 2007, 08:33

I'm thankful that I haven't had ALL of the problems related in the previous entries. However, I have had enough of them to be totally turned off by Volvo. I currently have the S40. I have owned 1986 and 1996 Volvo 240s, which are great cars! The S40 started out fine, except for the cup holder which went immediately. Then the constant headlamp changes as well as other exterior lights. But the vibration problem is still unresolved; I am basically just living with it until I can dump this vehicle; problem is now I've got the check-engine light problem. My 2000 S40 was manufactured in Holland. All I can say is these are good cars gone bad.

13th Jan 2008, 07:15

I owned S40 since May 1999.

The brake warning light is on all the time now. While I was googling for advice, I came to this survey site and read all the comments.

My experience with Volvo S40 is not pleasant. It gave me problems like some people mentioned here. Engine stalling on driving was the most dangerous to me. It stalled on motorway at 65 m/h or approaching roundabout at 30 m/h. Of course, it did not start for a number times which embarrassed me while with friends sitting in the car.

It is even bad when I go to the dealership garage for checking, servicing and fixing. Very expensive on parts and labour. It was so frequent to see them, that I lost trust to a dealership garage and started to visiting different ones nearby. However, they were all the same at last.

As one said in the comments here, I am ashamed to sell this car on to known people and the trade-in price is so low. That's why I have to keep it.

We have got Mercedes for the 2nd car. When the S40 comes to it's end, the replacement would be no Volvo for sure.

2nd Mar 2008, 01:19

I recently advised a Volvo S40 Turbo to my dad. It fit all his needs for the right money! Aside from the paint falling off at the front fender's bottom and now the headlight out, it's been a good car at 180 k. I do feel bad for all that show over wear on brakes and other computer/solenoid/valving cold start problems. I guess this is typical Ford problems on a Volvo! They did buy that brand and good job screwing it up! I'm not sure I regret this Volvo yet. If only I could find a solution to the popping left headlight bulb, I can handle the brake pads and paint chips! I'd be willing to bet they kept the body and transmission and went real cheap on the electronics, and now we all pay for it! One thing is true, I will not buy Ford or such related crap on wheels. Yes, that goes for the recent BMW also. It seems "have you driven a Ford lately" is a joke, if only you could get them to run long enough to drive.. Back to Toyota I GO!

4th Jun 2008, 10:34

I purchased my 2005 S40 Volvo in 2005 with 8,000 miles on it. I was told it was a safe car and not expensive to keep up, since it now has Ford parts. I was also told that maintenance would be twice a year, and that you could not do anything to harm a Volvo engine. It simply would not let you!

I am a single working woman who needs a dependable car with a dealership that I can trust. This is not true with Volvo! My engine blew! Of course the warranty over on the car. I have 60,000 miles on it!

Volvo dealership and Corp. were both mean about all of this. They were both very rude and place the blame on someone else! I live in an area where there are no Volvo dealerships. I live in Morgantown, WV and I purchased the car in PA. When I called the dealership about my problem, they first said that the car was out of warranty and there was nothing they could do about it. After several attempts, I was told that I needed to have the car towed to them, but they still did not think they could do anything.

A week later I find out that I still have Volvo roadside assistance, and I called them back to ask why I was not told this, and they denied that I had it! I told them that I called roadside assistance and they said yes, I do have it and the car is being picked up as we speak and on it way to the dealership. They responded my saying, "All of the information is in your handbook in your glove box". I told them that it is also in your computer, and you saw fit to tell me about all of my other services and/or things I supposedly did not do. They even told me since I did not do all of my services with them, it is my fault that I am having trouble.

When they finally got the car and checked it over, they said that my problem was because of lack of oil. They accused someone of charging me for the service but not doing the job. I am so disappointed in Volvo, they lack integrity.

29th Jun 2008, 19:17

For those who can't figure out the vibrations -- check your engine mounts. Our 2000 Volvo S40 was vibrating/shaking for almost a year until we finally figured out one of the engine mounts had gone. We got that fixed and now it runs as smoothly as ever.

11th Jul 2008, 11:52

My fuel pressure regulator cause my car to take a long cranking. It also smelled like fuel because the car was cranking so long before it started. My husband purchased the part and put it on in 15 minutes. The dealer wanted 150.00 to put it on. What a rip off.

29th Aug 2008, 22:32

Volvo S40 2003.

I am having the similar problem that one of the Volvo owners is having. When I start car up most of the time, just in the morning or the first time I use it that day, I have to step on the gas, put it in drive at the same time, or it will stall. Got it fixed once - I was told he made a adjustment? It didn't happen for about a month, then I went back where I got it fixed and it didn't happen to him. He explained if the check engine light is not on, he can't figure out the problem.

Now that the weather is warmer, it doesn't happen. I would think soon as it gets cooler, the problem will start again. Any ideas?