4th Dec 2005, 15:21

£5800 seems like a bargain for an 80,000 mile car with FVSH and warranty.

Did you buy from a Volvo dealer or non-franchised dealer? How do you find out about the car - autotrader?

25th Feb 2006, 16:31

I have just brought one 2002 84000 on the clock £5500 a bit steep, but its immaculate condition and as a full Volvo franchise dealer service history (ex-bank car) I think I probably payed £500-£800 to much, but I m happy with it,the one I will say I won't be having it serviced at Volvo dealer there just to pricey the last one on this car cost £770 and that was not a cam-belt change service, ouch!!!

16th Apr 2006, 07:16

Hello, I've just bought a Volvo s60 d5 on a 2003 plate, with 30k miles. The car is a big change from our previous family car which was a Subaru Impreza 2000 turbo.

Naturally there is a drop of power transferring to the Volvo, at about 163/170 bhp. But the comfort, the quality of the product is amazing. As a family we initially tried BMW's and Audi's, I never thought that I would buy a Volvo. The technical specifications, leave the BMW and Mercedes crowd for dead. So from Now on I'm going to be driving from my armchair in side my Volvo! (note to Volvo - great spec on the car but it's missing a Coffee maker and the additional Toaster!

22nd Apr 2006, 05:07

I also bought a 2001 S60 high mileage (78,000) in May 2005 for £7000 but have been totally satisfied with drive and reliability etc and drives like new. Car now done 90000 with minor sensor (fixed under warranty) and two bulbs. The reliability would be the envy of many an other manufacturer driver. Certainly the best choice.

15th Feb 2007, 12:00

I have bought a S60 a few months ago and again at 27yrs old didn't think I would. I have recently been thinking that perhaps I may have missed out on the BMW's and Audi's, but having looked at them I reckon you would have to spend mega bucks to get a good one. I paid £4,500 for a 01 Y with 64 thou on the clock and it is absolutely gleaming. One thing I would ask does anyone know how to get slightly more power out of it without going daft money, also I was looking for larger alloys--any ideas???

2nd Apr 2007, 05:18

If it is turbo powered, just put a chip in it (costs about 150-200€) and the car will gain about 40 hp (you can also increase the boost with ordinary wrench, it's cheaper). If it is 140 or 170 hp non turbo, you can get it to about 180hp.

19th Apr 2007, 03:10

A company called RICA produce a lot of decent Volvo and Subaru ECU upgrades, the 2.3 20v Turbo engine can be boosted from 225bhp to 304bhp just by re-mapping it. One thing to avoid with these 5 cylinder engines is to fit induction cone, although they sound good, they tend to reduce power, a better bet is a quality replacement panel for the filter box. Many of the early 5 cylinder Volvo engines left the factory with the cam timing fairly retarded - a good mechanic can advance this for you increasing the power and drive-ability. Be careful though as the internal engine temperatures can go through the roof with little indication that they are doing so and damage the engine if you advance too far. Sadly there doesn't appear to be too many tuning products for Volvo's in the UK.

16th Jul 2007, 04:48

Hello! I have bought Volvo S60 2.0T with 133000 miles on the clock with FVSH in April 2007 and I paid 4000 pounds. Someone have told me that I paid too much money. But the think is that this car is in really really good condition! The body is in perfect condition, the engine sounds good and runs with no problems. The full cream leather interior looks like new. Just the driver seat have two little scratches. Before I was thinking to buy Mercedes CLK or Honda accord, but now I understood that the s60 is probably the best second hand buy luxury car. The value of s60 is amazing. And the comfortable seats and the stunning sound system make you to feel like at home.

22nd Jul 2007, 18:03

I'm 26, and had a 300bhp Seat Cupra. Switched to a 2002 Volvo S60 D5 SE with 79k and all the extras, paid £5850. Well happy, most comfortable car ever, still got some go and gives most cars a run for the money while averaging 42mpg combined. No regrets.

19th Jun 2009, 06:17

I must agree with all the comments! I'm 27 and have recently changed my ultra-reliable 03 S60 D5 SE for a rather sexy 05 S60 R facelift - what a car!!! These S60 are so under rated it's criminal.

My R is Black with Orange leather and is almost perfect in every way!!! The rear room is tight (though very big seat, so passengers don't notice) and turning circle poor - but hey! Style, comfort, safety, reliability and fun all in one package.

There just isn't a better value car out there... everyone who's been in this car just rates it so highly, and I just enjoy driving it so much! The R is also the ultimate Q-car (and I've had it to 158mph before I gave up - somewhere safe I may add!). Its talents are endless.