6th Mar 2008, 20:22

Regarding the thumping from your front end, if it's when you go over bumps, have your suspension checked. It may be ball joints or bushings in the front that can cause thumping, when they loosen up and wear out. A car shouldn't have these problems at the mileage you have, but it can happen.

12th Mar 2009, 01:44

I just bought a 2003 S60T AWD last week and so far, GREAT!

I never thought I'd drive a Volvo. Everything else works great and comfortable ride. Great stereo and all.

I do have to agree that during a drive on a not so smooth road... kind a bumpy :( Volvo should make an effort to install or correct the suspension problems by recalling and fixing the problem as a good gesture to their customers.

That's what Mazda did to their RX8 drivetrain plus 100k miles extra warranty!!!

Come on Volvo... you can do it!!!

2nd Oct 2009, 08:32

My check engine light just came on and I don't know what it could be. I don't want to take it to a mechanic so they can tell me a whole bunch of stuff is wrong with it. Any advice?

26th Jan 2010, 14:15

Looks like it's been awhile and no one has answered about the "check engine" light. That verbiage is a red herring. There is nothing wrong with the engine when this light comes on. The issue is in the emissions system. The second time ours came on, on our '98 V90, my mechanic who has worked on everything from my Nissan ZX's to the Ford Crown Vic we had for a few years and including all four of the Volvos we've had, said to ignore it. We're happily doing so.

8th May 2013, 16:28

The check engine light might be triggered by an O2 sensor. The problem might be as simple as tightening the gas cap. May need to go to Autozone or have a friend with a handheld remote computer reset the check engine light.

10th May 2013, 15:43

As a mechanic I recommend having the code scanned on check engine lights to see what is triggering it. It can be items other than emissions equipment. Generally it is so minor it can be ignored. One of my cars has had a lit check engine light since 2006, and one has been lit since 2010. In both cases I know the cause and it has zero effect on any aspect of the car's performance.

Sadly, some areas in the U.S. are in cahoots with repair shops and require unlit check engine lights in order to pass inspection. Voters in many areas are addressing this outrage and overturning such laws. Our area did away with the check engine light requirement a couple of years ago, after complaints about shops charging as much as $3000 to reset them.

16th Feb 2014, 17:27

European cars do tend to have much stiffer suspension than the the cars you tend to see in the USA. I will agree though that the ride can be a little hard at times, but this is down to the low profile tyres.

Ive had my S60 D5 SE Geartronic for nearly a year now and I'm more than happy with it. I don't find the centre console rubbing on my leg, but I'm a 6ft tall guy, so may be my driving position?

I agree that the steering could be better, but it's not a sports car, although my D5 (diesel) is very quick indeed. It leaves many things behind, and on the motorway is very refined and comfortable. I did a 150 miles round trip in the summer, and averaged 57.1 MPG driving at around 80mph for most of the journey.

10th May 2015, 19:12

The S60 is not a car for tall drivers. I'm 6'1 and I can't get a comfortable driving position, no matter the adjustments. The lower seat cushion is also too short. What's more, with my seat position there is no remaining rear leg room, even for a child.

In comparison, I had a better driving position in a Honda Civic.