1997 Volvo S70 T5 2.7 turbo petrol from Portugal


This is a FAST sedan


3 months ago the transmission broke against a tuned Honda Civic VTI.

This car IS reliable.

General Comments:

This car has punch.

I've previously owned a 95 Civic 1.5 90hp, and when I drove the S70 it was shocking.

The 240hp 2.3 Turbo engine is a charm.

Until you get it to more or less 3500rpm nothing happens, but pass that and the car just explodes in a blistering acceleration, crushing you against the seats, and by the time you notice it is already at the 6500rpm limiter, begging you to change gear!!

1st it gets you to almost 70km/h, then shift to 2nd and it gets you to more or less 110km/h. When you shift to 3rd the car takes you in an instant to almost 180km/h, 4th passes 230km/h, and 5th can take you up to 260km/h.

It is quite, quite fast.

The comfort is very good. The previous owner had installed everything. Leather seats, electric windows, electric seats, A/C, cruise control, etc, etc. Long distant trips are made without problems.

The economy on other hand is bad. With the petrol prices rising almost every day, it is hard to maintain this car, even if you drive it at low speeds. Here in Portugal we pay a LOT for petrol... We pay 2,3412 dollars (1,5€) per liter..

I had installed Koni Sport Suspension on this, because the original Suspension was too soft. You could feel the car wandering a bit in a fast turn. Still, with the Koni it is comfortable.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2008

19th May 2008, 19:26

I am from the USA. To me, 260 KPH = 161 MPH. To reach that speed with that car, it would have to be dropped out of an airplane!

20th May 2008, 08:50

Actually, you can pass the 260kph mark.

If you measure it with GPS you´ll be doing in reality more than 250 kph.

1997 Volvo S70 SE 2.5 turbo from UK and Ireland


Comfortable, quick, but reliability has been disappointing after my Volvo 740


ABS warning light indicated sensor problem at 93000 miles. Both rear sensors replaced, warning light still came on. Dealer then suggested replacing ABS control unit. This solved problem.

Head gasket blew at 97000 miles.

Coolant problems on and off throughout 7000 miles of ownership.

Sometimes difficult to start.

General Comments:

Very comfortable car seats.

Ride quite firm.

Performance with the Turbo is excellent.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2005

1997 Volvo S70 20-V 2.5L 20-V from Australia and New Zealand


Brilliantly conceived and executed machine for the normal driver


Very little, though front-wheel drive combined with soft brake-pad compound causes fairly high, but even, brake wear.

All minor niggles fixed quickly under warranty by main Volvo dealership which provided free loan car and full carwash whenever this occurred.

At 58,000km -- aircon switch and sensor replaced when unit was regassed.

At 65,000km -- front wheel hub kit was replaced when wheel bearing failed. The problem was due to a faulty original part and not to driving style, but Volvo was unreceptive to complaint since time component of warranty had expired.

At 72,400km -- steering rack replaced due to abnormal wear, again because of faulty original part; cost could not be recovered for same reason as above.

General Comments:

An excellent car for general comfort, handling, safety and reliability which has amply repaid the product research conducted before its purchase. Five other comparable cars were shortlisted, from Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Peugeot and Volkswagen, and I'm convinced the right choice was made.

Power and handling are quite adequate for all normal purposes. This is a true saloon car which will get you there and back in great comfort and with no drama at all; if you want to dice with death or impress your pimply friends, or just risk your licence, go get a fashionable German or Italian car and enrich the insurance company as well!

Superb internal ergonomics -- all's in its proper place, excellent instruments and controls, and magnificent leather seats which only the French makers come near to achieving for support as well as comfort.

Far roomier front and rear than later Volvo models, and more comfortable for long trips -- the Ford influence? This is important in Australian conditions, where driver fatigue kills more than raw speed or recklessness.

Excellent factory sound system is also well tuned to the internal acoustics, but the low-end bass response will not appeal to heavy-metal rock lovers with a mobile-disco fixation.

Capacious trunk which is well insulated against road noise. Plenty of internal storage as well.

The brakes are awesome in their power to stop this solid car without any fade and in a straight line from high speed. High brake-pad wear is a small price to pay for that stopping-power confidence. But then Volvo has always provided the benchmark for active as well as passive safety technology.

The engine note is a purposeful rumble which is comfortingly audible rather than intrusive. Road noise is minimal and wind noise nonexistent. This is no howling banshee, nor a deathly hearse!

Steering is sharp, progressive and very predictable, with the usual amount of torque-steer in front-drive cars. The car handles twisting roads and rough surfaces confidently and well. With a turning radius substantially tighter than in the comparable cars mentioned earlier, parking is straightforward.

Finally, the fit and finish are of a very high standard. The paintwork and underbody rustproofing are exemplary as one would expect from a car designed to survive salty European winter roads.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2005