1997 Volvo S70 10V 2.0 injection from UK and Ireland


A solid reliable Viking ship


1991 one burnt out high tension lead.

1991 new battery.

General Comments:

This just has to be the most reliable car I have ever driven. It's not fun, it's not quick and it won't pull the dolly birds, but:

Nothing ever goes wrong (touch wood). OK one burnt out plug lead in four years and the battery is a consumable item anyway.

It's big, comfortable, will run all day at 70 miles/hour (I'm breaking the law saying any higher) and you can step out at the end of the day with the lumbar region of your back still intact.

My pretty basic model doesn't have heated seats, but from previous experience these break down quite early in the cars life anyway.

Fuel economy is not too bad for a car it's size: 28.9 average miles per gallon and it doesn't seem that different whether that's on a run or around town, however:

Don't use the air conditioning! OK, so I've never had the air con serviced, so it could be my fault, but as soon as you turn it on you are probably running with 25% loss of power and fuel economy. Ouch!

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Review Date: 27th May, 2004

13th Aug 2007, 10:40

Hey, just wanna say I'm 20. I bought a 97 S70 last month, and I'll never again get another make. I had an Opel Astra before it, and the Astra (1.4) was costing me more on petrol than the Volvo (2.0).

A great car; would recommend it to anyone.

14th Aug 2007, 08:04

I agree! I am 25 years old and run a S70 2.5 CD Auto. Love it. 100% reliable. Just done 2500 miles in a week and half all over the highlands of Scotland and it never missed a beat! After a 6 hour drive back south, I could have done it again. Never been in a car that is so comfortable or inspires so much confidence.

1997 Volvo S70 T5 2.5 turbo from UK and Ireland


A wolf in sheep,s clothing


Nothing to serious to date, however the right side brake light has a habit of registering as out! when in fact it's not?

Other than that glitch, totally reliable and awesome piece of kit.

General Comments:

The T5 is not for the faint hearted and inexperienced driver, the speed uptake can be frightening especialy in sport mode. Drivers would do well to glance down and check what mode your in prior to accelrating.

The interior is of high standard and finish, also has oodles of comfort and support on long journeys.

Only down side I have with the the interior trim is the dash board top covering! tends to reflect back onto the windscreen in high sunshine.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2003

1997 Volvo S70 T5 2.3 petrol from UK and Ireland


Underestimated power and safe luxury car


Handbrake needed to be overhauled at 104000 miles, including new rotors and pads.

Knocking on front Sway bar which needed replacing.

General Comments:

The T5 goes like a rocket and has plenty of scope for improvement if you want to modify the engine and ECU. Only slightly let down in its road holding and cornering do to its size, does need to be lowered if you want a truly sporty feel, as in the T5-R versions.

Tends to eat front tyres, a pair of Pirelli P-zeros only lasted me about 12,000 miles, but that depends on driving style.

The brakes match the performance of the car extremely well.

The cabin is more than comfortable for long distance, high speed motorway driving.

Very reliable, but costly if you go through a Volvo dealer.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2002

8th Jan 2007, 05:38

I am not the writer of this review, however I did own one of these and have written a review of it which is entitled "An expensive disappointment" and is in the 1999 grouping. You may want to read it before you buy!!

To answer your question, I thought the fuel economy wasn't too bad at all given the size and power of the car, although I have mostly owned fairly high performance cars, so I am used to higher fuel consumption than people who drive the mainstream models would be used to.

But if you want the power, you gotta pay the price!!!

I typically got mpg in the mid to high 20s from a mixture of town and motorway driving with good use of the performance (but not constantly flooring it - then you would really see it drink).

The best I did with it was holiday driving from the South of England to Scotland, I averaged 32 mpg over the trip (1,800 miles).

Hope this helps.