1997 Volvo S70 T5 2.3 turbo petrol from UK and Ireland


The electric aerial sometimes decides to not fully retract, nothing else, not even a squeek.

General Comments:

A family car which neatly disguises the fact that it has 240bhp under the bonnet. Suspension on standard car not sufficient for the power but fitting lowered springs sorts the problem out. Power must be delivered gently to avoid shredding front tyres. Next time you come across a T5 try one out!

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Review Date: 24th January, 1999

8th Jan 2007, 06:55

"Disguises the fact that it has got 240bhp under the bonnet"?

Yes - disguises it a bit too well!! I found mine a bit disappointing engine wise. Sure it was quick, but not nearly as much punch as I was expecting.

I raced mine against my previous car (which my brother in law bought from me), a Civic 1.8 VTi (169 bhp) and it was barely, and I mean barely, any quicker.

Also, why does the engine rev to 6,500 (and sound rough with it)when the power drops off after 5,000 rpm? I didn't even think the low to mid-range torque shove was all that good either, which might have compensated. I later had a Golf 130 TDi PD which was far more impressive in this respect.

Didn't give the best of either world.

And I couldn't agree with you more about the suspension. I thought the chassis was appalling. I'm glad you got yours sorted with aftermarket springs, but why should you have to?

And more to the point, why should you have to spend the extra money as well?

Surely the manufacturer should set the car up properly in the first place - they charge us enough for them??

It had some good points, I'll admit, but mine was unreliable as well (bought from a main dealer and properly maintained).

I was glad to see the back of it.

German or Japanese cars are where it's at!!