2000 Volvo S70 SE 2.4 B5254 168hp from North America


Safe and secure -- Maintain to the letter, and you won't be dissatisfied


Eats light bulbs.

A/C compressor bearings worn.

General Comments:

Terrifically comfortable and safe. Like the 850 I owned before it, the S70 will stand up to severe usage and a very heavy foot.

Like most Volvos, it's really at home on the highway, especially at higher speeds. The five-cylinder engine pulls nicely, and sounds great, but does have an appetite for fuel in the city (11.3L/100km).

The overall drive is quieter and more refined than the 850 preceding it, although the front end components are fragile as before, and the five speed automatic transmission's durability is suspect, thanks to an occasional miscommunication with the electronic throttle.

Overall, a luxurious and pleasant vehicle to drive, that lends a real sense of safety and security while behind the wheel.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2011

19th Oct 2011, 13:50

Wow. Was I ever wrong about the standing up to severe usage!

In only 20K, I replaced the A/C compressor (which I knew about when I bought it), a turn signal relay, the coolant sensor, coolant expansion tank, a brake flex hose (which ruptured and left me with no brakes down a hill. Fun!)

Then repaired the exhaust after it developed a hole before the catalytic converter, and finally the Continuously Variable Valve Timing unit worked itself loose, delaying the cam timing, which caused a few of the valves to collide with two of the pistons.

Before that engine failure, the check engine light would go on at least once a week (then disappear, thanks to the electronic throttle being a little slow), and the transmission would shift somewhat erratically from time to time.

So I sold it to a mechanic, and went back to another 850 Sedan.

2000 Volvo S70 GLT SE 2.4 I5 LPT from North America


Quick, cheap, comfortable, safe, durable - The Volvo S70 GLT SE


Like all S70s, the door panels are delaminated.

The door lock actuators are weak and need replacing.

Right front strut mount had to be replaced.

General Comments:

I bought this car to be used as a commuter car, and it serves its purpose well. I was looking at a cheap (<$7,500) car to drive back and forth to work, and wanted something European. I had my heart set on a VW Jetta VR6, but I was afraid due to reliability. I went with a Volvo, as I and my family have always had good experiences with them.

I found a 1-Owner S70 GLT SE with only 50k miles, and I jumped on it! However, cosmetically it was not perfect and required some work, nothing serious, it just had 10 years worth of nicks, scratches, dings, etc. I bought the car for $6k, and I think I did very well considering I've put nearly 20k miles on it, and haven't had any issues, other than maintenance or stuff I already knew about.

It's fairly cheap to operate, if you shop around on parts and avoid the dealer. I use an indie Volvo shop, and couldn't be happier.

It's super comfortable and gets 25-26mpg routinely. 2nd hand Volvos are incredible value, always buy them used and take advantage of 'Swedish Depreciation'.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2010

2000 Volvo S70 GLT SE from North America


I love it


"GLT SE" means "grand luxury turbo", and the turbo blew, and started to leak oil into the gas tank.

The leather seats have also worn really badly.

General Comments:

Awesome car, I would recommend it to anyone if they still manufactured it. But the "GLT" is "grand luxury turbo", and the turbo blew, so I would try to get the regular or "SE" edition.

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Review Date: 4th October, 2010

7th Oct 2017, 19:59

I highly doubt it, and I'm very sure that a blown turbo will not blow oil into the gas. If you mean the exhaust, yes that's very possible. But they don't just fail, usually there's very early warning signs, like noise, slight lack of power, high oil consumption, and the most noticeable blue smoke out of the tailpipes.