27th Mar 2007, 14:35

Another update - I'm now at 275,000 miles.

No problems at all - the 30K service interval between 240K and 270K consisted solely of oil changes every 5K and a couple of bulbs. The oil burn had reached about a quart in 1300 miles (most of my driving is high speed highway) - at my Volvo dealer's suggestion, I have been adding a quart of Lucas Oil Stabilizer at each oil change, and the oil burn has returned to a steady quart in 2000 miles - with which I'd gladly live forever. The car still gets 31+ mpg highway, like it did when new, still holds wheel alignments, has absolutely no rust (it's never garaged, either), and needs virtually nothing for maintenance other than whatever the owner's manual requires.

I'm getting ready for another summer of heavy driving, confident that the S70 will do everything that I ask of it.

28th Mar 2007, 02:00

Fantastic review. I am also a very satisfied Volvo S70 owner, here in the UK - the car has only 127,000 miles and full Volvo history. I would drive it anywhere and love it to bits. I have just had a 130,000 mile service and the garage couldn't fault it! IT has taken me around Europe and will take me anywhere. I know of another S70 owner that has over 330,000 miles with only minor wear and tear. Fantastic cars, these!

2nd Aug 2007, 08:58

Well my S70 now has 301,000 miles on it and runs like a dream. A recent compression test showed 215 psi. in all five cylinders - at the top of new engine specifications. I did have another recent round of intake maintenance - throttle and mass air flow sensor - this seems to be the one weak point about the car - the throttle is a well-known problem and, fortunately, two of the three replacements so far have been paid by Volvo. The mass air flow itself is about $170 and takes 5 minutes to replace myself, so it's not a big deal.

Otherwise, this is a fantastic car - no rust - no maintenance issues - a few odds and ends that have worn out after long mileage (heater core, fuel vapor canister) - but replacing things is much cheaper than a new car, and I see no reason why I won't get long service out of the replacement parts, as well.

I'm not driving quite as much highway as before and my oil consumption has decreased - I add a total of two quarts between 5000 mile oil changes (and it's a bit low when I change the oil, but that doesn't matter much). So I'm burning a quart in about 2000 miles - not bad for an engine with that mileage.

Definitely well made and, properly maintained, a car that will last a long, long time.

15th Jan 2010, 08:46

434,000 miles now and still running like a showroom car - since my last post, I have had to replace the throttle body and mass airflow sensor a couple of times - but, other than that, the only things besides regular maintenance have been a stuck rear brake caliper and the driver's airbag contact reel at 310K, the radiator at 330K, ABS module at 345K, the steering rack at 407K and the fuel pump at 428K. All lasted much longer than anyone would have expected, and I'm confident of many more miles to come.

Moral of the story - buy a quality car, and do your maintenance faithfully.

4th Oct 2010, 23:22

Thank you for your reviews. I'm considering getting an S70, and it has helped my decision. Good luck with hitting the 500000 miles mark.


1st Feb 2012, 12:07

520,000 miles and it's running very nicely. Three repairs in the last year.

The torque converter seal started leaking, so I had that replaced, together with the rear main seal, because there was no extra to replace the (original) RMS at the same time.

I had a burned exhaust valve, so had to have the cylinder head replaced (much more cost effective than to rebuild the original head).

Also, the original alternator finally quit at 519K - not bad.

Close to the end of 2010, I had my second A/C compressor replaced, so I'm "only" averaging about 240K on those LOL.

Yes, those repairs were not cheap. But they're still less expensive than they would have been a new car, and they're once-in-a-half-million-mile repairs, so I'm not worried about having to do them again soon. And the parts are covered by a lifetime warranty, as well.

I hope that my S70 will be with me for a long, long time.