2001 Volvo S80 SE 2.4 from UK and Ireland


A comfortable cruiser


Gearbox gear changes are erratic.

General Comments:

A great car with plenty of power.

It is the 2.4 non turbo straight 5 engine with 170 BHP.

This car is currently 14 years old and is in great condition, and put a private plate on it and you would swear it was only a few years old.

When I bought it, the gearbox was a bit confused in choosing what gear to be in, and it sometimes was in a too high or too low a gear for the road conditions. This was rectified by changing the transmission fluid. I gave it a full service within a week of ownership and it now drives like new.

The seating is excellent with multi position black heated leather. The 9 speaker 4 CD stereo system is excellent, and sounds fantastic with a great bass sound.

Fuel costs can be a bit steep, but driven sensibility it returns around 28-30 MPG, but when you floor the accelerator it kicks down 1 or 2 gears and takes off. It's not sports car quick, but at traffic lights puts many cars to shame. The look on some driver's faces is a picture as the 5 speed auto box seamlessly changes up to the maximum speed limit very quickly.

It has climate control, cruise control, electric windows all round and electric sunroof, all adding to the quality of the driving experience.

With it being a Volvo, the only gripe is the headlights are on all the time when driving, and if you switch off the headlights, the sidelights don't switch off when you stop the engine and it doesn't have a warning buzzer. I had a few knocks on my door with neighbours telling me I had left my sidelights on, but I got used to it eventually. Because of that, it does use headlight and sidelight bulbs more frequently than most cars, but having a bulb kit in the boot is recommended.

All in all, this car is very well equipped, fast and comfortable. I will definitely buy the new shape eventually, but for now I will enjoy this car and hope my next one lives up to this one.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2015

2001 Volvo S80 2.9 NA from North America


This isn't a Volvo, it's a Ford!


Fuel pump - 100,000 miles.

5 recalls.

A-Arm bushings.

Tie rod ends.


Strut bushings.

Front & rear sway bar end links.

Ball joints.

Window regulators - Front.

Rear bearing hubs.

3 oxygen sensors.

Now ABS module.

Cost of repairs $6500.

General Comments:

This car is extremely problematic and requires constant maintenance to stay together. I bought this car expecting another Volvo! Not! I have a 1992 Volvo 960 that now has 335,000 miles and has only cost me $125 (PIP Switch) beyond the normal and customary repairs. That's what I expect from a Volvo.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2010

3rd Jun 2011, 13:12

You are right to a certain extent. The S80 is a Volvo, yet Ford had their hands on mixing parts & being cheap about it, yet you still pay Volvo's price for these certain parts. The older Volvo's were AWESOME! And of course these newer ones are better than when Ford owned them, I say with any car you plan on purchasing, use this site as a reference, as it may help you with your decision before spending your $$$ on something that is not worth it.

2001 Volvo S80 T6 2.8 turbo from North America


Reliable, comfortable... but mind-numbingly boring


No recalls performed when purchased. Resulted in a MIL on at 160,000 (no cost).

Coil pack at 180000 (NAPA coil which actually was a Volvo part cost $60).

Replaced strut tops, bearings, a-arms, sway bar links and bushings, ball joints and tie-rods at 200,000 (around $800 in parts, performed the work myself, probably would've been another $800 in labour).

210,000 the nipple from the t-stat housing to the bleeder tank snapped off ($130 for parts, again did my own works).

Boost control solenoid at 215000 (You can drive it when this is bad, but it will nor rev past 3,500 which I don't do normally.)

I have not included regular maintenance items such as oil and filter changes, spark plugs, belts, brakes etc. because these should not be considered "things gone wrong" and should be researched before purchasing.

General Comments:

The 1st time my girlfriend drove this car, she said "Holy s**t this thing is fast" Well, my last vehicle was Chevy p/u with a 4 inch lift and a built 383. My last car was a 535 BMW with an aftermarket turbo and a pretty good list of modifications. So, I find this Volvo to be an average car. It's Achilles heel is it's front wheel drive, which is the worst thing to ever happen to cars. The handling is numb, the car itself is extremely heavy and suffers from apparent, almost scary body lean.

But I will say, for the purpose this car is built for (comfortable highway cruising) it does its job well. The audio system is very good, the seats are almost orthopedic (especially with the warmers on) and the climate control keeps the car at a comfortable temperature. It's not quite as quiet as a Lexus or Mercedes, but the noise levels are more than acceptable.

That said, I've become extremely bored with this car. It blends in with the sea of dull, cookie cutter sedans that flood the roads today. And because of this, I cannot recommend it.

If you are the kind of person who sees a car as a means rather than a way of life, then you may want to consider a Volvo S80. Keep in mind that you must use synthetic oil in the turbo model, plugs and filters are a MUST every 30,000 and atypical of European cars, suspension components are prone to wear. I recommend using IPD sway bar links, as these last the life of the car, whereas the OEM replacements tend to go bad again in 15,000. Brake components must be replaced with OEM parts, or they will squeal loud enough to make your ears bleed.

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Review Date: 12th March, 2010

31st Mar 2010, 18:53

222,000 miles. Unfortunately the transmission in this car has failed. I can in all honesty say I am glad to be rid of it. Still cannot recommend it.

1st Apr 2010, 13:07

RE: 31st Mar 2010, 18:53.

Sure, you should be happy to get rid of a junk Volvo that needs a transmission only after 222000m. Next time buy a reliable car like a Lexus, and make sure the transmission will work for at least 30000m; mine failed after 32000m. Now this is a real performer from the best automaker of the world ;)

9th Apr 2010, 01:49

My dislike with the car wasn't about reliability, it was with the dull nature of the car itself. I would've been in the same boat with a Lexus, as they're dreary cars as well.

2nd Oct 2016, 08:06

Old post, but I had to laugh about the fact that the Volvo S80 used an Aisan Warner transmission that was also used by Lexus at the same time.... also used by Nissan, Saab, Renault and Chevrolet, albeit with differing specs like ratios, etc etc... it's really about dealer servicing a lot of the time...

11th Dec 2016, 17:02

OP's 6-cylinder turbocharged engine was fitted with a General Motors transmission that was a reliability nightmare. The reliable Aisin Warner gearboxes were used in 5-cylinder normally aspirated S80s.